GG Bond is a Chinese animated TV series created by Zhibin GU, a member of the China Animation Association, and CEO of Guang Dong Winsing Company Limited.


The series is about a boy named GG Bond, a naughty and clever school boy who’s born with super powers. He is an orphan under the care and custody of his teacher, Dr. Mihu, who loves inventing gadgets. The series began in 2002 and has aired 5 seasons (160 episodes) of 3D TV animation. The production company has distributed one season of episodes each year since 2002. Although the different seasons of stories are not strongly relevant, they are all about the main character GG Bond.

A majority of GG Bond episodes are comedies with moral lessons regarding values such as courage, friendship, harmony, integrity, perseverance, respect for elders. Several noteworthy environmental issues are often visited, including homeless animals, environmental damage, deforestation, and pollution.


Seasons such as GG Bond I,GG Bond II Martial Arts 2008, GG Bond’s Adventure in the Future, GG Bond IV,and Fairy Tales of the Brick Kingdom are often covered.

GG Bond 1Edit

Story takes place in the distant days when on earth there lived in harmony a variety of small animals. They lived and worked happily together. Later, with the increasing number of small animals, they got started exploiting resources on the planet immoderately, which leading to a disaster of the entire planet that is causing serious damage to the natural environment.

Just at the time, a pig named GG Bond came into the world. He was witty, compassionate and even with a good acquisition of martial arts. People who respected him gave him a title of “GG Bond”……. With time went by, he got doubted about the behavior of small animals destroying the environment of the planet. Finally, GG Bond made a great decision. He overcame many difficulties and came out with a “Magic Wisdom Ball” full of mysterious power. He entrusted Wang Xiaoer who was a chef at that time with the “Magic Wisdom Ball” and told him to accomplish the mission of saving the environment of the earth. Then he fell into a curse of 3000 years Reincarnation, and passed away……

However, Wang xiaoer is not a person to keep his promise. After he got the wisdom, and in order to open up his own kingdom, he had aggravated the global environment destruction. At the meantime, the “Magic Wisdom Ball” had been getting bigger with the increasing of the evil power and the power of Wang Xiaoer was getting larger……

And one day, our righteous GG Bond came back finally. In order to defeat Wang Xiaoer and destroy the evil “Magic Wisdom Ball” to protect the global environment, he embarked on a long journey……What kind of danger ahead of GG Bond? What kind of way Wang Xiaoer would use to obstruct him? Can GG Bond accomplish his great mission? Coming soon

GG Bond II Martial Arts 2008Edit

A grand global sports event was held in China in 2008. GG Bond, a third-year student of Great Hope Primary School, always fantasy himself a super master of martial art. One day, he was hijacked by a robber who had robbed the “Keyinuoer” great diamond. In the fight, he fell into space-time Tunnel muddle-headedly and back to 1800 years ago on the Olympus Island.

All the residents on Olympus Island were sports masters. Their only hobby was sports competition. The island boasted all kinds of exaggerated and even crazy sports arenas. And only the champion could win high respect.

The “Keyinuoer” great diamond was sacred on the island, and it was also the key point for GG Bond getting back to 2008. The diamond was kept at the peak of Bright Mountain, guarded by giant dragon. The rules of the island stated: one can only ascend to the peak of Bright Mountain and get The “Keyinuoer” great diamond if he win all the sports items on the island first.

GG Bond was supposed not good at sports at all. But after taking a super lollipop invented by Mihu teacher which can inspire human potential, he became a momentary “martial arts master”. He used all kinds of Kung fu in novels competing with sports madmen. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of the lollipop could only last a few minutes.

Sports genus Super Qiang, who always dreamed becoming a chief, was the strongest challenger to GG Bond. Between the two there was a fierce competition. Can GG Bond beat Super Qiang and win the great diamond and get back to future? Stay tuned.

GG Bond’s Adventure in the FutureEdit

GG Bond, a primary school student, was sent to the future world by Diamond Koyinor in a science experiment.

In 2080, the world is vertically separated into two parts. Rich people live on the higher level. Their lives depend on some energy-consuming technology inventions. Poor people live on the lower level where the environment is heavily polluted.

GG Bond found his primary school -- Parents’ Hope School was about to be suspended because of fund shortage. Meanwhile, its competitor Super Technology School secretly plans to merge it at no cost. In order to rebuild the school, GG Bond has to compete with the director of Super Technology School in various sport games. He must win all the competitions to generate fund and fight against QQ Super’s plot.

GG BondEdit

GGBond is smart, eccentric, pride and a little arrogant but is ready to help others, while with low IQ Dullie is inferior, gloomy but kind. When the two fellows with totally different characters meet each other, everything is sparked into life, after spending a period of time together and experiencing a lot of interesting events, Dullie is affected by the kindness, happiness and confidence of GGBond and gets out of his melancholy and inferiority and thus becomes a very confident and cheerful child.

Childhood is full of happiness so is that of GGBond’s, but poor Dullie losses his necessary happiness of childhood. GGBond is amusing the children watching TV when helping Dullie so that the theme of happiness first in childhood is fully reflected. In addition, other themes like friendship forever, being ready to help others, persistence, confidence and bravery make this cartoon produce resonance easily in the audience and imperceptibly enable the children to learn good practices on getting along with people when making them laugh happily.

The luxuriant imagination of the author is another highlight of this cartoon. The magic “Super Lollipop” of GGBond always appears at every difficult moment and transforms into various odd and practical props to resolve crises and overcome difficulties. Although the props may be funny and the way to solve problem is strange, finally everything is rationalized and crises are completely defused.

GG Bond Fairy Tales of the Brick Kingdom=Edit

There will always be heroes who have strong wills, tough bodies and handsome looks. EE Bond, grandfather of GG Bond, is one of them! In order to prevent the mass extinction of dinosaur, he decided to travel back to 60 million year ago by using the great power of diamond Keynor.

Unfortunately, the experiment failed, resulted in half the city's residents have been sucked into the space-time tunnel, and transfer into a fairy tale world that is constructed by brick blocks, the Brick Kingdom.

EE Bond and others could not return to their world. They had to settle down in the new world and finally become a new ethnic group. They lived peacefully with the local people and actively developed science and technology. Many modern products appeared in the fairy-tale world.

EE Bond had also developed a new technique that can quickly assemble brick block components to anything. He became the first Top Assembler of the Kingdom and found the Assembling Institute.

Many years later, GG Bond, grandson of EE Bond, becomes a student of the Assembling Institute. He inherits his grandfather’s skill of assembling building blocks and decides to put his skill to use in order to help other people who is in danger and rid the city of evil.

The story of the 5th season of GG bond neglects the concept of time and space, but brings many famous fairy tales characters, such as Cinderella, Snow White etc, into one world. Most of the episodes are comedy with moral lessons regarding values such as integrity, perseverance, courage and family.


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