The Gay Nigger Association of America, (more commonly known by the acronym GNAA) are a tightly-knit[8] group of anti-blogging trolls[9] who take their name from the 1992 Danish movie Gayniggers from Outer Space[10][2] responsible for many high profile[11] internet trolls,[12][13][14] as well as software products[15] and security releases.[16] The group maintains a wiki-based site dedicated to commenting on notable Internet events and parodying Slashdot posts, as well as offering a git-based repository known as "Trollforge" for GNAA coding projects.[5]

Members engage in such activities as flooding weblogs,[17][9][18] producing shock sites,[15][19] prank-calling technical support telephone lines,[20] protesting,[21] IRC channel disruption,[22][23] Proof of concept demonstrations,[24] and even trolling CNN.[11][25] These actions have occasionally interrupted the normal operation of popular websites such as Slashdot, even forcing some websites to shut down temporarily. As such, targeted communities generally consider GNAA crapfloods to be a serious matter and frequently respond with technological and social anti-trolling measures such as moderation systems to limit future disruption.[8]

Despite the name, which according to new media researcher Andrew Lih caused immediate alarm in anyone with a semblance of good taste, the group claims that it promotes neither racism nor homophobia. Its aim is to sow disruption on the Internet.[9] Lih has noted on the groups activities within Wikipedia, claiming that by adhering to every rule, they can use the system against itself.[26]

Relationship with Apple Inc. Edit

In July 2004, two GNAA members submitted leaked screenshots of the forthcoming operating system Mac OS X v10.4 to the popular Apple Macintosh news website MacRumors, which read "With WWDC just days away, the first Tiger information and screenshots appears to have been leaked. According to sources, Apple will reportedly provide developers with a Mac OS X 10.4 Preview copy at WWDC on Monday. The screenshots provided reportedly come from this upcoming developer preview."[27] Later, when accusations were raised that the images were fabricated, the GNAA released a press release which claimed that the screenshots were genuine, and that they had "trolled" the Apple community.[28]

In June 2005, the GNAA claimed[29] to have created a Mac OS X Tiger release for Intel x86 processors which caught media attention from various sources.[30][31][32] The next day, the supposed leak made front page news on Slashdot[33] and was mentioned on the G4 show Attack of the Show[34] The DVD image released onto BitTorrent merely booted an image of hello.jpg instead of the leaked operating system as some had thought,[35] and the remaining several gigabytes of space on the DVD was filled with a repetition of the text "GNAAGNAA..."[citation needed].

Goatse Security Edit

[[|thumb|right|Goatse Security's logo.]]

Main article: Goatse Security

Goatse Security are a group of white hat[36] information security professionals founded by the GNAA[6][37] and made up of GNAA members.[38][39][2] Goatse Security attracted mainstream media attention for their disclosure of 114,000 email addresses[40][41] registered to Apple iPad devices for early adopters of Apple's 3G iPad service, causing Apple Inc.'s stock price to drop.[42] The data was aggregated from AT&T's own servers by feeding a publicly available script with HTTP requests containing randomly generated ICC-IDs, which would then return the associated email address.

This incident culminated in the arrest of GNAA President[38] Andrew 'weev' Auernheimer on unrelated drug charges found during an FBI search.[43][2] Goatse Security has since expressed outrage over the arrest, stating:

The warrant was executed without probable cause, as there is no way a reasonable and educated person could believe a crime was committed.

Goatse Security, [44]

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