Gallery Game was a pricing game on the American television game show The Price Is Right. Played from the Season 19 premiere on September 10, 1990 to April 11, 1991, it was played for a large prize usually worth more than $3,000.


The contestant was shown a painting of the prize being played for. Below the painting was most of the price–three complete digits and a partially-completed fourth digit. The contestant had to "paint" in the rest of the digit with a marker (in earlier playings the contestant used an actual paint brush).

After "painting" the number, the price would be revealed by two models lifting a tarp covering the price; a correct choice won the prize.


Contestants playing Gallery Game were accompanied by the Alla Hornpipe movement of George Frederic Handel's Water Music.

The partial fourth digit usually had a distinguishing mark completed in order to reduce the field of possible answers, such as a horizontal line across the top to indicate a 5 or 7.

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