Game Pak refers to video game cartridges produced by Nintendo for one of the following systems:[1]

The usage of the term "Game Pak" was last used for cartridges for Game Boy Advance and Pokémon mini; Nintendo DS cartridges are referred to as "Game Cards", and the Nintendo GameCube and Wii uses the optical discs as "Game Discs".

References Edit

  1. "Customer Service | NES Game Pak Troubleshooting". Nintendo. Retrieved 2010-06-18. 


Console: Color TV GameNESSuper NESVirtual BoyNintendo 64 (IQue) • GameCubeWii
Handheld: Game & WatchGame Boy (Pocket/Light) • Game Boy ColorGame Boy Advance (SP/Micro) • Nintendo DS (Lite)
Arcade: Nintendo ClassicVs. SeriesPlayChoice-10Nintendo Super SystemTriforce



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