Gatwick Bear is the main character of a children's literature book. Gatwick Airport is his home. Nobody knows how he came to be there, whether he was lost, found or born at the airport. Every day he has to dodge security so as not to be thrown out. But he is detected and security suspect him of being a spy. When things get really tough the harmless bear boards a plane and gets caught up in the world of top secret agents. Wherever he is, Gatwick is always in and out of messes.

Gatwick has many disguises. When he is his normal self he wears a navy-blue waistcoat with shiny gold buttons but his fur is always ruffled at the back and neatly combed at the front. He likes chocolate muffins, chips, spaghetti and fizzy drinks.

Other Characters Edit

Miss Acid: Head of Security

Stud: boss of the Eagles

Bird Dog and Sam: spies for the Eagles

The General: boss of the Red Vultures

Dazbog: spy for the Red Vultures

Arnold: powerful polar bear

Jet: a raven – Gatwick's best friend who also lives at the airport (and a spy).

The Bear Family: Bertie, Mama and Little Sister.

External Links Edit

Gatwick Bear

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