Genesis AD (Tomorrow Be Another Day in Korea) is a MMOFPS set in the future. Its is developed by Queen's Soft. Currently, the game is operating in Korea, with the US version in closed beta.

Genesis AD
Developer(s) Queens Soft
Engine Lithtech
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Genre(s) First-Person Shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer, Online Game
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There are 3 classes or characters to choose from:


Walter Jannesan, or the Assault class, is specialized with shotguns and assault rifles and use armor for high powered booster uses.


Zeki Lee, or the Sniper class, is specialized with sniper rifles and the only class that can use cloaking.


Jason Moreno, or the Supplier class, is specialised in using submachine guns and uses equipment that restore health and Energy Points (EP).

Game ModesEdit


The standard Team Deathmatch mode. Two teams battle for the score limit. The first team who reaches it, or has the most score after time runs out, wins.


A mode similar to Demolition. The attacking team must set a bomb at a specific area while the defending team tries to defuse the bomb. When a team member dies, they can't respawn.


The player must retrieve the item and escape with it from the other players.


A sniper class variation of Deathmatch.


A standard Capture The Flag mode.


A melee weapon variation of Deathmatch.



A skill that gives the character a boost from their jetpack. Only, the Assault and Supplier class can use this skill.


Makes your character invisible for easy stealth kills. This skill is only useable by the Sniper class.


The game is hosted in Korea by Allstar, an online gaming portal by Paran.

In March 2010, Ijji has announced an US version of the game, and held a contest in the forums of what it shall be called. Later, the name was chosen for the game, which was created by forum member [A]staroth-. It was comfirmed to be called Genesis AD.


External LinksEdit

Official Korean site Official US Site Official US Teaser site

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