George Dragon (György Dragon in Hungarian) (born April 26, 1966) is a Hungarian journalist, editor of the Hungarian version of Gamestar magazine, composer of several tracks for game music, translator of books and writer. He eleased his first album under the virtual publishing house Jamendo in December 22, 2009. The first album is titled Time Machine. His current projects include the recording of his first CD titled Walls, with the help of After Crying and Wendigo singer Zoltán Bátky-Valentin, who is doing rearrangement of the original Walls concept. On the publishing side the first book is still under development, projected to be released by the spring of 2011, titled "Mr Vagány trükkjei" (The Tricks of Mr. Tough). In 2006 he was nominated to Péter Zsoldos-award in the "Best Hungarian Sci-Fi short novel" category with the novel "A világ eleje" from issue 183 of Galaktika magazine.


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