Geraldine Fahey
Fair City
Portrayed by Carmel Stephens
Occupation Restaurateur

Geraldine Fahey (née Creagh) is a fictional character on the Irish soap opera Fair City. The character is portrayed by Carmel Stephens

About GeraldineEdit

Geraldine Creagh arrived in Carrigstown looking for Ken Fahey. Ken was the father of her son, Owen, and Ken had been neglecting to pay her child support. Ken's mother, Mary, started giving her money and convinced her to stay in Carrigstown.

Geraldine and Ken gave their relationship another go and Geraldine became quite close to Ken's brother Dermot and his wife Jo. When Jo's sister, Eleanor arrived in Carrigstown, Ken slept with her. Geraldine was devastated but agreed to give him another chance. She soon found out she was pregnant and the two were delighted.

Tragically, Geraldine was knocked down by a car and lost the baby. The hospital refused to accept responsibility but Geraldine received an out of court settlement. The experience brought Ken and Geraldine closer and they planned to get married. She later caught Ken flirting with other women but still married him. By this time, Geraldine learned that she was going to receive compensation however Ken started to spend the money before they had even got it.

Geraldine soon began work in The Bistro for Mike Gleeson. Ken wasn't happy about it as he had worked for him before. Geraldine and Mike became close friends. Geraldine was devastated when she caught Ken having an affair with Terry Kelly. Mike surprised Geraldine when he admitted he had feelings for her. They started an affair and were soon caught by Dermot.

Geraldine happily moved out with Owen and started her new life with Mike with her new job of assistant manager at The Bistro Although living in the same town, Geraldine remained civil to Ken and is happy for him and his new partner, Deirdre Burke.

In 2008, Geraldine became concerned when she realised that Mike's new restaurant wasn't doing too good. She asked Mike to sell it so they could buy a house together. When she discovered that Mike was actually planning on buying another restaurant, she had a huge row with him and trashed the Bistro. Mike, who was furious, threw her out and ended their relationship.

The Bistro was then redecorated. Mike invited Geraldine to the opening where she told him that she would take him back when he sold Fusion 2. The next day, Mike told Geraldine that he had received an offer for the restaurant. However, Geraldine soon found out that he had lied.

The next day, Gerladine discovered Mike's body in The Bistro. He died of electrocution. She made a speech at his funeral but was upstaged by Yvonne Gleeson, Mike's widow.


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