Geronimon (ジェロニモン Jeronimon?) is a fictional kaiju from the tokusatsu TV series, Ultraman. Geronimon appears in episode 37.

Subtitle: Monster Chief (怪獣酋長 Kaijū Shūchō?).

Ultraman Edit

Stat Edit

Height: 131 feet

Weight: 30,000 tons

History Edit

Geronimon was a monster chief whom was angered by the Science Patrol and Ultraman for constantly killing his monsters. So in revenge he revived Telesdon, Dorako, and Pigmon as a warning to the Earth, Pigmon revealed that Geronimon's plan was to revive 60 more monsters in order to take over the planet and defeat Ultraman with this army of monsters.

After his three messengers were killed by the Science Patrol (with the exception of Pigmon whom was killed by Re-Dorako,) Geronimon appeared from within a mountain and attacked the Science Patrol himself. Ultraman eventually showed up, rescuing the Science Patrol and confronting the Monster Chief. Geronimon used his razor-sharp feathers to attack Ultraman and chase him into the sky, but Ultraman destroyed most of the them and then he pounced on Geronimon, tearing out all the feathers on his body. Finally after being incapacitated by Ultraman, Geronimon was destroyed by Ide of the Science Patrol.

Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth Edit

This monster reappeared in the video game Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth.

In the video game's story mode, Ultraman ventures to the Monster Graveyard, which in the game resembles a frozen, arctic wasteland. While there, Ultraman is ambushed by a revived Geronimon who breaks out of a giant icicle seeking vengeance. After fighting him three times, Geronimon will collapse, dead once again. Later on in the story, the feathers on his head are used as an extra body-part for EX Tyrant.

In this entry, Geronimon has been given a new set of superpowers. He is given the ability to create and shoot purple fireballs from his claws. His telekinesis has also improved as he can both manipulate his feathers' flight pattern as well as have the ability to lift objects as big as Ultraman with his mind.


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