Gesura (ゲスラ Gesura) - Also known as Quesra, Quezra, or Quesura, this aquatic monster from the Ultraman television series had a sweet tooth for chocolate, cocoa, and the cacao bean.Gesura appeared in Episodes 6.

Gesura's head is borrowed from Pete the lizard from Ultra-Q. Subtitle: Sea monster (海獣 Kaijū?).


His height is around 60 Meters tall. He weighs around 10,000 Tons.

Usually an ocean dweller, Gesura began to come ashore in serach of his favorite snack; Cacao beans. The Science Patrol soon arrived, but the monster quickly returned to the ocean. Some time later, the monster came shore once more in search of food, and once more, he was gone by the time the Science Patrol got there. The monster next appeared at a warehouse, smashing through it because some thieves shot at it. Hayata then appeared, and transformed into Ultraman. Gesura attacked first, but Ultraman quickly gained the upperhand, tossing the monster every which way, eventually landing both in the water. Ultraman then ripped off Gesura's fin, and afterward, the monster died.

Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra BrothersEdit

The monster will reapper again as King Gesura in the movie.His height is around 61 Meters tall. He weighs around 28,000 Tons.

As Daigo was in the middle of a meeting with some clients, time began to warp around him and he soon found himself face to face with a rampaging King Gesura. However, before the reborn monster could harm the man, Ultraman Mebius appeared to fight it. While quickly gaining the upper hand, Mebius was soon shocked by the beast’s powerful electric surge. As it began to beat him down, Daigo remembered how Ultraman killed the original Gesura, and yelled out that its fin was the weakness. Mebius heard and ripped the dorsal fin off King Gesura, leaving the beast powerless as moments later, it was reduced to ashes by the Mebium Beam. However, his soul would latter merge with the souls of the other King monsters and Super Alien Hipporit to form the massive Giga Chimera, becoming the lower body of the monster.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The MovieEdit

This Monster re-appeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie. He was killed in the final battle with every monster of Beliah as Beryodora.

King Gesura.ja:ウルトラマンの登場怪獣

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