The Ghearufu is an evil magical device that consists of a white glove, a black glove, and a small, gold trimmed mirror which is worn around the neck. It was created in the lower planes many millennia ago. An assassin named Ghost wore the item in the book Night Masks of The Cleric Quintet written by Robert Anthony Salvatore, the item allows the wearer to switch bodies at will, even across great distances. The effects can only be resisted by those of powerful minds and most victims are quickly overwhelmed. The destruction of the Ghearufu can only be achieved by having a dragon burn it with its breath.

In The Fallen Fortress, the Fourth book in The Cleric Quintet Cadderly Bonaduce took the Ghearufu high into the Snowflake Mountains to Nightglow peak. There lay Fyrentennimar, a great wyrm Red Dragon many millennia old. Cadderly befriended the dragon through magical means and had it loose its mighty, fiery breath to destroy the Ghearufu forever.

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