"Ghetto Block" is a short Moon Man single that was produced by Moon Man himself and released to youtube on July 3, 2015. The song is about killing niggers, spics, and jews. Moon Man mentions in the song that he hates Eminem because he is a wigger. "Ghetto Block" appears as track 24 on Singles: Volume 6.

Lyrics Edit

Yo fags Moon Man here with a new rhyming hate crime Are you ready niggers?

Cocking my glock at the ghetto block Ready to massacre spics and niggers in their low riders Yeah, worse than Columbine But I'm still fresher than Columbian coke Who the fuck do you think I am? Eminem? I don't associate myself with wiggers He is no better than the niggers he competes with When I roll down the ghetto, I have my fresh new wheels

Not today, nigger I drop porchmonkeys like I burn jews in a hot oven When I order pizzas I get my favorite kind of topping

[Sun Man] What you want on your pizza?

Jews, what the fuck do you think?

This is Moon Man dropping his newest hate crime On all skins darker than brown I'm out, bitches

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