"Goats And Arabs" is a song that Moon Man recorded for his Camel Fukkker album.

Most of the song's lyrics were written by a goatfucking arab, who requested that Moon Man sing the song to his hircine lover. Moon Man killed the songwriter shortly thereafter.

Supergroups Leader also drops a few lines in the song.

Lyrics Edit

Moonman with a special love song From an arabian fan EP Productions He told me I should sing it to her After that I killed him

When I saw you the first time in the wild I know it directly, you don't want it mild You're my goat, I love you so much When I see you, I directly want you to fuck

I am a goatfucker like every arab No matter if male or female, there is square up I like your body, else I am alone I am gonna blow up Cologne

I am a terrorist, your favorite hero My number of not-killed people is zero

[arab] I am a goatfucker I love my goat so much I want her directly to fuck Moonman is singing my song for you If you've learned here I will fuck my tennis shoe

Goats and arabs, sickest relationship ever seen Oh my god, my face is getting green

[Supergroups Leader] Goats and arabs, sickest relationship ever seen

I am pretty sure this is not legal You're getting killed by the American eagle

KKK, imagine a man Which fuck with a goat I will make a grave for you So I started to moat

Goats are unpure But arabs even more Never get a bigger score Then me in the Vietnam War

This poor creatures are fucked by monsters Which are hairy and using grenade launchers They would marry goats or camels, this is so sick I need a glass Jack Daniels

[Supergroups Leader] Goats and arabs, sickest relationship ever seen

Oh my god, my face is getting green

Goats and arabs, sickest relationship ever seen Also the country is completely unhygienic

Not even the arabs are allowed to suck my dick The KKK is going to hang you Triple K Mafia won't want to travel to Syria that's nuked This country is cancer in person, you all should do directly abortion

EP Productions

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