Goddard is one of the few inventions of Jimmy Neutron that actually work perfectly. Goddard seems to be attracted to a female dog named Roxie, seen in the episode "Junkman". Goddard can, according to Jimmy's dad, Hugh Neutron, do 11,000,004 things with the exception of cleaning up his own feces (made of nuts and bolts). Along with the ability to shoot out laser beams he has, among other things a built in ray gun, lie detector, sound system, satellite radio, computer and clock. He can also change into a flying motorcycle. While Goddard has a mechanical bark, he can speak. In episode spoof of Frankenstein with the creation of Brobot, Goddard speaks Yes Master playing assistant to Jimmy's mad scientist. Goddard is named after Robert Goddard, the scientist that launched the first liquid fuel rocket. When Brobot & parents are captured by Junkman, Goddard speaks "OH Baby" like Charles Boyer to Junkman's dog Roxie. In one of the original shorts, Goddard, when told to speak, replied "Luke, I am your father." Whenever Jimmy is faced with a problem, he will ask Goddard for possible options. Goddard's chest then opens up (revealing a greenish screen) and displays said options. The first two are usually ridiculous like, "Build Goddard a female poodle", the third one is sensible. In the movie, Goddard would speak out what the display would read, but in the series, Goddard would be silent and Jimmy would read the options out loud. Goddard is the only robot to have male parts. Goddard is portrayed as having the habits of a regular dog with the exception of his diet of metal and that when told to play dead he self destructs in a main core implosion (only to rebuild moments later). This was a flaw that Jimmy made a feature after finding its usefulness.


  • A dog named Roxie from the Jimmy Neutron Episode "Junkman", has a love interest with Goddard.

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