"Good Day" is a Moon Man song that was recorded for WhiteTopia but ultimately not released on it.

The song is a reworking of Moon Man's classic-era song "Today Was A Good Day", a remix of "It Was A Good Day" by Ice Cube. In live performances, Moon Man has been known to take lyrics from both versions of this song, and to ad lib new lines onstage. A recording of one such performance can be found on Live At the Reading Festival.

Lyrics Edit

Just waking up in the morning, gotta thank the KKK I don't know but today seems kinda odd No barking from the feminists, no blacks in sight And my bitch didn't even call me racist I got my glock on, but didn't point out Finally got them all to shut the fuck up Hooked it up on later, as I found some blacks Thinking will them live another twenty-four They gotta go 'cause I got me a kill streak And I press this trigger, I can make their ass drop

Looked around me, not a single nigger in sight And everything is alright I got a beat from KKK, and they can kill all night Called up the homies and I'm asking you all Which race is the motherfucking master race

Drove to the KFC and hit them up Didn't even get no static from the niggers Tension rose as soon as I put my finger on the trigger The police saw Moonman, and they rolled right past me Didn't even look in a niggers that is about to die as I ran the execution

They all know that you can't mess with mighty Moonman

Freaking Ferguson every way like MB I can't believe today was a good day

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