Dungeons & Dragons creature
Gray Glutton
Alignment Neutral
Type Magical beast
Source books Expanded Psionics Handbook
First appearance
Image image

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the Gray Glutton is a magical beast. Introduced in the Expanded Psionics Handbook, it is a terrifying predator that lives only to eradicate psionic creatures and characters.

Physical DescriptionEdit

A Gray Glutton has a vaguely humanoid form, although it is huge, hulking and muscular and more ogre-like in its proportions than human. It would stand almost 18 feet tall, but it always goes about in a bestial crouch, its clawed half-hands used as much for locomotion as its legs. A Gray Glutton's hide is rough and warty, almost stony, and is a bluish-gray in color. Its mouth is filled with tearing, needlelike teeth.


Gray Gluttons dwell underground. Its illustration in the Expanded Psionics Handbook (and the one given in the D&D infobox) depicts it outside atop a pile of skulls.


As said before, the Gray Glutton is a monster that lives only to destroy psionic creatures and characters. The single-minded fury with which it tracks down and eradicates psionic individuals is stunning. Fortunately for psionic creatures everywhere, gray gluttons are rare, being an artificial species.

Gray Gluttons are descended from the victims of twisted experimentation on individuals who had already been victimized by psionics-using enemies. Filled with hatred for those who wield psionics, these poor souls were perfect fodder for arcane spellcasters seeking a weapon against their psionic foes. The mages who initiated the magical breeding program twisted once-human bodies into shapes so extreme that sentience itself was extinguished. All that remains is an instinctual hate for all things psionic. The monsters are named not for the color of their hide, but for the psionic-infused gray matter they crave above all.

Despite these evil habits, Gray Gluttons are listed as neutral in alignment.


A gray glutton attacks anything psionic, or anything that stands in its way of tracking down new psionic prey. Of course, a gray glutton has to eat -- and eat a lot to feed its bulk -- so when not on the scent it will attack any living creature. It always breaks off attacks against nonpsionic foes if psionic prey is an option. The only creatures it refuses to eat are elves (and it dislikes the taste of dwarves). No challenge seems too extreme to it, even if that means bulling into the center of a powerful party of manifesters.

When attacking, a gray glutton makes use of its Hostile Mind and Psionic Hole feats to make the fight a costly one for psionic enemies.

In addition to stomping and clawing with its massive strength, a Gray Glutton also has a special ability: Null Psionic Exhalation. As a free action, a gray glutton can breathe forth a cloud of pale blue translucent gas into an adjacent space. This cloud is Psionically poisonous, sapping away Psionic power points

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