Great White is a Moon Man mixtape that was released on the last day of 2015 to commemorate Moon Man's most successful year to date. Like the Singles mixtapes series, it consists of singles that were not released on any other albums. The album was compiled by producer Malcolm Night.

Tracklisting Edit

Track # Track Name Producer Remix Of Performer(s)
1 Moon Reich Anthem Anonymous "The Imperial March" by John Williams Moon Man, mudslimes
2 Social Equality Anonymous "Thunder Buddies" by Bud McKenzie Moon Man, Hillary Clinton
3 The Motto Chai Unknown Moon Man, Sun Man
4 Nigger Island ItsTurtleYTP Unknown Moon Man, Sun Man, Audrina Patridge
5 Whiny Bitch Sweg & Mick3 Unknown Moon Man, Snipars, Haseeb2
6 Straight Outta Space Anonymous Unknown Moon Man, Audrina Patridge
7 Moon Man iz The Man Official Moon Man Unknown Moon Man, Leeroy, Sun Man, Paco the Spic
8 White Ascension Moon Man "My Nigga" by YG ft. Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan Moon Man
9 The Nigger Anonymous "The Watcher" by Dr. Dre Moon Man
10 Still Lynching the donut king Unknown Moon Man
11 Dear Nigger Anonymous "Dear Mama" by Tupac Moon Man, Audrina Patridge
12 Metal Chambers MrShenanigan92 "Paper Planes" by M.I.A. Moon Man
13 Moon Man Hates Chinks! FruityNDaBooty Unknown Moon Man, a chink
14 Real Truth Philosophy Anonymous "No Diggity" by Blackstreet Moon Man, Audrina Patridge
15 Savage Nigger Killer Anonymous Unknown Moon Man, Sun Man
16 White $upremacy White Supremacy Unknown Moon Man
17 Furries Goodra Rap Beat by RHmediadesk Moon Man
18 Kill Yourself Real Lyncher "Kill Yourself" by Pink Guy Moon Man
19 Dope Flows About the Minorities Moon Man Unknown Moon Man, Sun Man, Audrina Patridge
20 A Nigger Stole My Money Notorious Unknown Moon Man, some woman
21 Shame on the Niggers iSilhouetteXx "Shame on a Nigga" by the Wu-Tang Clan Moon Man
22 Juicy Oogie "Juicy" by the Notorious B.I.G. Moon Man
23 The End of the Show A Whitetopian an 8-bit version of Eminem's "The Way I Am" by BONESOLVENT Moon Man

Download Edit

Great White

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