Dungeons & Dragons creature
Alignment Neutral Good
Type Fey
Source books
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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the grig is a fey. They are mischievous and fun-loving sprites resembling cricket-centaurs.

Society Edit

Grig are reclusive sprites that are mischievous and lighthearted. They have no fear of larger creatures and delight in playing tricks. Grigs commonly carry with them fiddles, and they can play tunes on these that cause those that hear them to dance uncontrollably. Although usually peaceful, if they do need to attack or defend, grigs are fierce by sprite standards, attacking opponents fearlessly with bow and dagger, though they prefer to play their magic fiddles to cause the opponents to dance.

Physical Description Edit

As said before, a grig resembles a cricket-centaur. This means that they have the lower body of a cricket, while their upper body is humanoid, save a pair of antenna on their head. Grigs are rather tiny; they stand about one and a half feet tall and weighs about one pound, typical for a fey.

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