The Outcast, written by Kathryn Lasky, is the eighth novel in the series Guardians of Ga'hoole.[1][2]

Plot summaryEdit

Nyroc has exiled himself from the Pure Ones. He flies alone, feared and despised by those who know him as Kludd and Nyra's son, hunted by those whose despotism he has rejected, and haunted by ghostly creatures conjured by Nyra to lure him back to the Pure Ones. He yearns to go to the Great tree, and an uncle, the near-mythic Soren, who he yearns to meet. Yet he cannot approach the tree while the rumor of evil clings to him. After being chased from kingdom to kingdom, he meets Mist and her eagle friends. They teach him writing, tell him that he would have to prove his own worth flies in Beyond the Beyond. Nyroc then changes his name to Coryn so owls know he is nothing like his parents. Coryn flies to the Beyond the Beyond seeking the legendary Relic(The Ember of Hoole) and bring it—a talisman of his own. He meets Otulissa, member of the chaw of the chaws and now ryb of Ga'Hoology. After the initial fright Otulissa helps Coryn to retrieve the ember of Hoole and then escorts him to the great tree. At the great tree Coryn meets his uncle Soren (whom he was taught to hate by Nyra) and his aunt Eglantine.


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