Gudon (グドン Gudon?) is a fictional kaiju from the tokusatsu TV series, The Return Of Ultraman. Gudon appeared in Episodes 5・6.

Subtitle: Underground Monster (地底怪獣 Chitei Kaijū?).

The Return Of Ultraman Edit


His height is around 50 Meters tall. He weighs around 25,000 Tons. He is the insinctive rival of the monster Twin Tail.


Gudon is an ancient monster from eons long past and the predator of Twin Tail's species. Shortly after MAT discovered Twin Tail's egg, Gudon emerged from underground and attacked. MAT was quick to assault the whip-armed beast but the monster was unfazed and retreated underground. The creature was recognized by a crew member as a long extinct creature Gudon. After doing some research, MAT soon discovered that the egg from before was that of Twin Tail, the instinctive rival of Gudon, which explained why Gudon had emerged.

After Twin Tail hatched and fought with Ultraman Jack, Gudon returned from before, confronting Jack and his archrival. His color timer already blinking and sandwiched between two bitter ancient enemies, The two monsters were too much for Jack to handle, who had no choice but to retreat. With Jack out of the way, Twin Tail and Gudon collided and resumed their blood feud in a vicious fashion. The victor however was never solved as the two monsters separated (unexplainedly) for the time being.

After viewing the damage caused by the monsters, the military threatened to unleash a 'mini' H-bomb to slay the two monsters. Knowing many innocent people would perish if that happened, MAT decided to try one last attack on Twin Tail and Gudon. Preparing jeeps, armed with nothing but bazookas, MAT waited for the two prehistoric beasts to appear. Twin Tail appeared first from beneath the Earth and MAT launched their first attack, aiming for the prehistoric beast’s eyes and blowing out Twin Tail’s eyes. Gudon then erupted from underground and attacked Twin Tail while Ultraman Jack stepped back to allow Gudon and Twin Tail to fight it out. Gudon had no trouble in fighting his crippled prey and after fatally wounding him, Twin Tail died of his injuries. Gudon then turned his attention to Ultraman Jack and began battling the hero. While Gudon still had a lot of fight left in him, Jack was just too strong and tossed the beast around before finally killing Gudon with the Specium Ray.

Fireman Edit

This Monster reappeared in Fireman. He appeared in Episodes 9.

Redman Edit

This Monster reappeared in Redman.

Ultraman Mebius Edit

This Monster reappeared in the series Ultraman Mebius.

Awakening from underground, Gudon began to rampage underground leaving giant fissues in the Earth. Later that day, Gudon emerged near a construction site, where it was quick to rampage. GUYS tried attacking the monster with their ships, but soon learned they couldn't get close without risking getting hit by its whip-like arms. After a back and forth battle between Gudon and GUYS's ships, Mirai transformed into Ultraman Mebius and the two giants engaged in a long battle. Mebius then pulled out his Mebium Blade, and with it he sliced into Gudon, destroying him once and for all.

Later on, another Gudon appeared and was seen fighting another Twin Tail, with no one knowing how or why they were alive and fighting. Their fight was halted by Bogal, who beat both monsters into submission until eating them.

Sometime later, GUYS was chosen to test out new arrivals of Capsule Monsters. The first suggestion was Gudon, but he was turned down due to the dangerous possibility that its timer would end underground. Once everyone chose monsters to test, Gudon was used to battle a Zetton. The capsule Zetton easily defeated Gudon, causing him to return to his capsule in defeat.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle Edit

This Monster reappeared in the series Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle.

Gudon is seen fighting a Neronga that appeared during a sunset and the two were locked in battle. At first Gudon hand the advantage, using his whip arms to mercilessly beat Neronga, until Neronga vanished. In actuality Neronga had turned invisible, and used its lightning bolts to finish off Gudon in short order.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie Edit

This Monster reappeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie.

Gudon is one of Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Army.


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