Template:Quotebox thumb | 250px ' Guido ' War is one of the damned which Dante must punish or absolve for "The Damned " achievement/trophy. He is encountered in the circle of Violence among the Abominable Sands.

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He spent some time at the Court of Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, where he became one of the pupils of the sovereign, though once he returned to Florence he would embrace convinced the parte guelfa, becoming one of the main leaders, becoming a man of confidence of Pope Innocenzo IV. From 1248 was Captain General of the Holy See.

As man-at-arms fought in 1255 at the service of Florence against the aretini and 1260 participated in the battle of Montaperti, where they were defeated by the Guelphs, causing an exile from Florence. Entered the service of Charles I of Anjou fought at San Germano and battle of Benevento (1266), where the parte guelfa was collected. On that occasion, particularly receiving distinguished Guido honors and recognitions (Angevin Vicar for the Tuscany, podestà of Tuscany and Captain General of the Guelphs of Tuscany). He returned to Florence in 1267, died in the castle of Montevarchi, in 1272.

He married Agnesina, perhaps of Fieschi relatives of Pope Innocent IV, but he had two illegitimate children by Giovanna dei marchesi Pallavicini ossia il conte Guido Novello and count Simone called "da Battifolle."

Her figure is also notable for being one of the three people that Dante Alighieri placed in Group of the Sodomites, with Jacopo Rusticucci and Tegghiaio Aldobrandi.

Dante in the Canto XVI of hell did need at least three figures to create the damned scene running running in circles for punishment cannot ever stop, varying on the theme of walk alongside the poet used as a gimmick in the previous step on Brunetto Latini. The poet then chose three figures taken from the political world and the military immediately prior to his generation, famous people, it does mean that Dante himself Jacopo, must not deceive for their looks miserable from the damned, having been alive men brave and respected.

Guido said that was his nephew "de la good Gualdrada , an example of female virtue, and that in his life/he made much in hindsight and with the sword " (vv. 38-39).

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In "The Inferno", as Dante and Virgil cross the burning sands of the seventh circle, Guido Guerra is one of three sodomites who address themselves to Dante. Heroic warrior and tremendous leader of the Guelphs, Guido Guerra enveloped himself in sodomy and the blood of men.As he speaks with Dante, war blames his wife for his sin of sodomy.

Her full titles were Earl and Lord of:

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