The Gutbuster Brigade is a dwarven group of elite melee fighters, from the Forgotten Realms series. They have no weapons, aside from their armor that is covered in spikes and ridges and a helmet with a long spike protruding from it. They have a unique battle style in which they gore their opponent with the spike, and if they fail to kill them, hug them and convulse. This effectively rips their opponent into an unrecognizable corpse. They are led by the infamous Thibbledorf Pwent, a friend of Bruenor Battlehammer, 8th king of Mithril Hall. They actually only number seven or so, but these seven running down a tunnel once made so much noise that the scouts of an invading drow army believed another army to be rolling along right towards them and fled. Their numbers seemed to have increased a large amount by the time of Obould and his army's attack, although a large number of them were killed on the slopes outside Mithril Hall.

"Gutbuster" is a drink carried by the Brigade that stops the effects of poisons in their bloodstream. It is named the gutbuster because if you can keep fighting after drinking it, no amount of poison will stop you. It is a very strong liquor with ingredients that halt the effects of poison.

They are featured in The Legacy of the Drow series and the Hunter's Blade Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore.

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