"Hang From Trees" is an alternate version of Moon Man's classic hit "Notorious KKK", recorded in February of 2016. It was produced by Malcolm Night and released to youtube on February 22 and as the final track on Beating Another Dead Nigger on February 24.

It uses the same beat and the lyrics of "Notorious KKK", but Moon Man roughly reproduces the lyrical meter of the original song, "Hypnotize" by the Notorious B.I.G. Moon Man added a few new lines to the original verses in order to fit the new lyrical rhythm, and he added an all-new final verse. He also expands at length on the outro lines, namedropping many of his previous albums and even one upcoming album (Game Over). Star Man appears in this version, playing Puff Daddy's role of hype man from "Hypnotize". Audrina Patridge re-recorded her part for the chorus, although some of her original chorus is sampled in this version. Sun Man's verse and Moon Man's response verse, which do not fit into the lyrical scheme of "Hypnotize", are identical to the original, except that Star Man plays hype man over them.

Lyrics Edit

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Moonman {Starman} {{Moonman & Starman}} (Audrina Patridge) [Sunman]

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Ung {Uh} Ung {Ung} K K {Come on} K Fine Sicker than your average nigger killer Twist niggers' heads off Niggers just fucking stink Fucking niggers and gayers Chickenwing-eating players Triple K hooligans like Moonman {That's right} Dead right, if they head right Fucking your mom every night Moonman’s been smooth since days of killing jews Never lose, never choose to Lynch jews who do somethin' to us {Come on} Talk go through us {Through us} Your mom walked to us Get on a rape bus Screw us, screw us Yeah, KKK {Heh heh heh} Nigger babies I don't give a fuck     Stick it up the butt Dare I not see at your ripe cherry pussy {Take that} Bang every porch monkey {Take that} Easily, busily {Take that} Recently {Ha ha...} Niggers fronting ain’t saying nothing {No} So I just drill these coons, fill these coons {Come on now} Radiator grille these coons {Burn 'em up} Kill these coons Packin', askin' who want it {Who want it?} My cock nigga, suck it Triple K Mafia {{We’re on it}}

CHORUS: (Moonman, Moonman, can’t you see) (Spics and niggers need to hang from trees) (And I just love your racist ways) (I guess that’s why their mom is black and you’re so great) Ha


I put niggers underground without a sound {Uh huh} You minorities can’t step to me {That's right} All spics need to go back to Mexico {Fuck off} Every jew be stealing money from you and me {Haaa} Now who’s the real dookie All you niggers smell like shit {Shit} You niggers can ride my dick, spearchuckers pushing up sticks {Kill 'em} Ooga booga, go back to Africa Bullets through dicks while the Moonman laughs at ya I don’t know why I hate blacks {Really?} Oh yeah, it’s because they look and smell {{Like ass}} Quit throwing your chicken bones on the sidewalk Spics need to motherfucking learn some motherfucking English talk I don’t give a fuck about your mama Jizzing on her face {Uh huh} Ain’t no drama {Uh uh} It’s probably different from the nigger cock she’s used to Kill a nigger and skullfuck a jew Face it {Sieg heil} I'm racist, that's how I stay basic {I'm racist} More hateful than Hitler till you niggers get erased, bitch {Come on}


[Everything you be saying is offensive to me] {Faggot} [As a proud African American I would've used my right to free speech] {Lol} [Moonman you need to stop the hate] [After all we are one universal race] {Nope}

Fuck off nigger, I don’t give a fuck about people of other colors Get the fuck out, you ain’t my brother Why don’t you go and fuck a hyena {Bitch} When it’s dark outside, I can’t even see ya {Nigger}


I can hit you with real Triple K shit (I can hit ya) Every day my KKKrew slay {Kill 'em} Chinks, dotheads, ragheads, featherheads and fat chicks The KKK, bitch {The KKK} I'm oh so sick of this big-lip nigger with Fake gold teeth, he's black like licorice {Barf} I'm killin' this nigger, it's easy {Uh huh} Goddamn, here's a spic, makin' me sick {Sick} Get down on the ground and suck my fat dick {That's right} Cum into your throat, hit you with a brass fist {Ung} You need this, speaka English, you grease pit Niggers can't speak it, as everyone knows {Ha} Break them negroes' bones all slowly {Slowly} Hit 'em with the force like Obi {Obi} Dick white like Moby {Moby} Niggers act so phony {Phony} Whatcha gonna show me? Go ahead and blow me {Do it} Homie {Homie}


This is Moonman here Straight Outta the KKK The Notorious, the Blood Moon The glorious, the Killing Moon The Confederate, the KKKiller The inveterate, the King Nigger Killer The Man on the Moon, the KKKingpin The Lunatic, the Great White Genocide Personified Repping the White Blood, the White Power, and the White $upremacy Telling you goddamn filthy niggers to take a long walk off a short pier

Moonman, baby WhiteTopia, 2016 Shoutout to White AmeriKKKa It's a New Era, bitches Putting Niggers 5ft. into the Dirt Game Over Vote 1488, faggots, and I'm out of here