"Hard In The KKK" is a Moon Man song produced by syrinxstorm during Moon Man's classic era. It was recorded for the KKK EP, and it also appears on the Miscellaneous mixtape. It is a remix of "Hard in Da Paint" by Waka Flocka Flame.

Sun Man, Audrina Patridge, and Paco the Spic each have once antagonistic verse, to which Moon Man responds each time with "Shut the fuck up you [insulting label]".

Lyrics Edit

Alright niggers I got a brand new song for you All you've gotta do is beat that nigger in Baltimore So he won't loot with his nigger friends OKKK


I go hard on that motherfucking nigger boy Either Martin or a Freddy, fuck them niggers

Yo I can get that shit in Baltimore straightened out With an AK or an Uzi I get those niggers out But the rest is gonna be history anyway I can just get the White man tell his story About the good ole slavery days back in 1800 So once he died I yelled "fuck school" I got a nice suit on and got some marijuana Eight years later farkle was a goner All those niggers need to stop being so hood They can't even get a job in with their own wood Hey that reminds me where is my bitch Audrina?

[Audrina] Oh my fucking god I can't believe I decided to be in your new racist song Moonman

Shut the fuck up bitch and suck my dick I bet you would fuck the niggers in Baltimore

[Sunman] Moonman you need to stop being so racist and sexist We are all on the same boat

Shut the fuck up nigger, I don't care about blacks and women The only difference between my boat and yours Is that mine is clean and not filled with niggers Now back to the song So when I am in your hood you'd better run Or else im gonna play hide-and-go-kill-a-nigger Once I am in Baltimore it will be a field day I would make them eat hay like a fucking animal, hahaha I see a nigger getting hanged

[Paco the Spic] Moonman, [unintelligible spanglish]

Shut the fuck you spic, I can't even hear ya When even I fuck your mom, she don't even tell ya Why does a spic walk around a school like he owns the place? 'Cause his dad built it and his mom is a janitor Now that the song is almost over I just wanna say Whenever I see a nigger in a noose I just push him over I like to yell racist rants in the ghetto 'Cause the niggers are really mellow


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