"Haters" is a song that Moon Man recorded for his White $upremacy EP. It also appears on The Ultimate Collection - Part 2: Grand Finale. As a backing track it uses "Fuck Haters" by Danny E.B.

Lyrics Edit

Shoutout to all of those kike-whipped nigger lovers I hope you all get lynched

Moonman, White $upremacy, 2015


Fucking haters, circle-jerking masturbators They think they're so great, their eyes filled with hate I think it's funny Because a nigger's just a good-for-nothing dummy

Slavery put them to use, but now they're lighting the fuse So they can riot and run loose All the shit in Baltimore, can't you see This is what happens when you set the niggers free

All the haters are blind, they think they're inclined in society Bitch I'll kill you violently I'll whip all you haters like you're all my slaves This is what happens when a nigger misbehaves

I'll lynch all the crackers Who worship all the black rappers Take a feminist and smack her Stick her face down the johnny crapper

Suddenly everything is racist? Try this Every nigger I ever met was an ex-rapist Give me one good reason why niggers should have rights And why we shouldn't send them to be be gassed at camp sites

I'm pretty sure you're drawing a blank It's think it's time we make those niggers walk the plank The time is near so those niggers better fear The nigger-killing Moonman is here