Hawaldar Bahadur was the name of a character in Manoj Comics, a popular comics company of India. He was the main humorous character of Manoj Comics.


Hawaldar Bahadur was a comedian character and a police constable. He was a thin man who had a long moustache and a stick in his hand. He had a fat and commanding wife, Champakali and a foolish, but muscular, brother-in-law named Tund.

Actually TUND was not his brother-in-law but he was his nephew !

His first comic was titled as Hawaldar Bahadur. His pet dialogue was " Hawalaat me sadaa doonga"! His strength is his humour which he keeps alive in all condition. apart from his humor he is a very thin guy who runsaway very fast in difficult condition but somehow handle the situation and got credit for his work even many time he has done nothing. he has some very good friends like "Jinna",his scientist friend"P.P.".both are very helpful for him in difficult situations.his main rivals are his co-worksers/superiors like inspector Khadksingh and Inspector Dhartipakad who always think that hawaldar is an ideot person.


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