Heather Sinclair
First appearance (Mentioned) Parent's Day (105)

<tr> <th>Occupation</th> <td>Enrolled at Degrassi Community School (Senior Year)</td> </tr><tr> <th>Family</th> <td>Holly J. Sinclair
(sister)</td> </tr>

Heather Sinclair is a fictional character on the teen drama television series Degrassi: The Next Generation, and is featured as an in-joke or running-gag.

Over the series, there have been numerous references alluding to Heather Sinclair. She is often the subject and butt of students' jokes and criticism, and is only mentioned but never shown. She is pretty popular, as almost everyone in the cast has mentioned her or has been in a conversation about her at least once. Her popularity rivals Paige's, which causes Paige to mention her on several occasions spanning all of the seasons. As the years went on, more people spoke about Heather Sinclair, which was the reason for the Degrassi crew to create a short which aired on CTV and Noggin entitled, "Be Aware of Heather Sinclair." This is the first time in the history of Degrassi that she is given a voice and a character which people can relate to.

Heather Sinclair has never had her face shown on Degrassi, although in the episode # 410 “Neutron Dance”, she appeared with her face blocked by her raised arms, but is very talked about and ridiculed for her self-inflicted haircuts, overtweezed eyebrows, and bargain-basement nose job. But she seems to be popular since she beat Paige Michalchuk out for the Prom Queen crown previous to their Grade 9 year. She auditioned for video announcements during Liberty Van Zandt's run as President, but was once again the butt of a joke, as she had snot hanging from her nose during her audition. It is shown in the mini "Beware of Heather Sinclair" that her personailty is very much like the first season Paige.

In Season 7, her sister Holly will attend Degrassi.


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Episode Inciting Incident Quote
1x05 Parents' Day Terri trying to uplift the downed Ashley Kerwin "Even Heather Sinclair said you're better than those lame-o NaK hosts"
"Heather even has an agent. You could totally get an agent"
Paige commenting on Heather having an agent "Heather Sinclair has an agent? With that overbite?"
1x11 Friday Night Paige is asking Emma about her crush on Sean. "Hon, your thing for Sean is more obvious than Heather Sinclair's bargain basement nose job."
1x13 Cabaret Terri tells Paige what she is planning for the Cabaret. "Hon, that sounds lamer than Heather Sinclair's highland sword dance."
2x03 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Paige has just seen Spinner's dancing. "Okay, I saw better dancing at Heather Sinclair's grade 3 sock hop."
4x07 Time Stands Still: Part 1 Mr. Simpson is talking to Jimmy and Rick in the hall about trivia teams. "Heather Sinclair just came down with mono. Her loss is Jimmy's gain."
4x18 Modern Love Paige is telling Mr. Oleander that the students are not scary. "Marco's not scary. Marco's afraid of bees and Heather Sinclair, not scary. Unless maybe you see her in her granny panties after gym."
4x20 West End Girls Craig is upset that Ashley is going to London. "Come on, you. Let's get to the cheese buffet before Heather Sinclair scarfs all the havarti."
5x04 Foolin' Liberty is talking to JT after he screwed up the morning announcements. "Guess we should call and tell Heather Sinclair she got the job."
5x12 The Lexicon of Love: Part 2 Paige is telling Marco that there is a girl that likes him. "(To Paige)You? Oh I knew it! It’s Heather Sinclair. Paige I’ve seen the way she looks at you and-,Double ew.(To Marco) No. It’s not Heather Sinclair. Alex!
6x03 Can't Hardly Wait Ashley covers Jimmy's eyes and asks him to 'guess who' "Uhh... Heather Sinclair"
6x15 Free Fallin' Pt. 2 Alex asks a rhetorical question (guess who just got her 3rd A+ on a bio report to Paige "Let me guess. Heather Sinclair?"
7x04 It's Tricky Holly reveals herself to be Heather's sister, and Manny is in shock "Boyfriend stealing, bad nose job having, puppy drowning queen of evil (Heather Sinclair) is your sister?

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