The Heavens are a realm in the Mortal Kombat video game series.

About the Heavens

As its name suggests, the Heavens are the realm where the gods reside, and the destination for the souls of those who have died as morally righteous beings. Nothing is known about this mysterious realm, except that it is one of the only two realms that are infinite in space, the other one being its polar opposite, the Netherrealm.

Native species

Though questionable as it may be, the Gods are considered to originate from the Heavens. The Elder Gods' place of origin appears to be the universe itself, however.

Notable residents

  • Raiden: Elemental God of Thunder, and a former Elder God.
  • Fujin: Elemental God of Wind.
  • Earth God: Elemental God of Earth.
  • Water God: Elemental God of Water.
  • Fire God: Elemental God of Fire.
  • Shinnok: A fallen Elder God.

Relationships with other realms

Obivously, the Heaven's biggest threat comes from the Netherealm, its polar opposite. While it doesn't get mentioned much in the games, there are hints that it seems to be in neutral relationship with all other Realms. As it is considered paradise by denizens of Earthrealm, its citizens look upon it with favor.

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