"Hello, Haseeb2" is a short Moon Man demo that was released to youtube in early 2016 but promptly taken down, likely flagged by Haseeb2 himself. It is a remix of "Ante Up" by M.O.P., a beat Moon Man has also used for "Pile 'Em Up" and "Moonman Rides Again". This song appears as track 2 on the remix compilation album Beating Another Dead Nigger.

Lyrics Edit

White Power
It's the sound of the news
White Power
Kill the jews
And here we come, rolling again
My Aryan friends
We'll be braced when the bass ends
So bang bang skeet skeet nig⁣ga ni⁣gga
Haseeb2 and (?) ready for the itchy trigga
Moon Man is staying Aryan on this beat
With dozens of dead niggers scattered around my feet
Fresh like a superstar
No matter where you are
Dumping dead niggers in the reservoir
Why don't we nuke the shit out of that nigger place Zanzibar
More dead niggers than jews during the Second World War

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