Henry Garnum (ヘウンリー・ガーナム Heunri Gaanamu?) is a fictional character from the manga series Spriggan created by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryōji Minagawa.

An ARCAM official of British descent, he slowly began to form a secret alliance with Larry Markson by getting control from ARCAM in order to build his power from inside the company.


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Born in London, England in the year 1950 to a presumably upper class family, nothing is known about his early life. It is known that he studied at the University of Cambridge and graduated in 1970 with a degree in Economics.[1] before he joined up with the ARCAM Corporation after his graduation from the University of Cambridge.

During his time in the ARCAM Corporation as its President, he slowly began to build his power base in the company while creating a shadow coalition of supporters in ARCAM[2] and creating contacts with Larry Markson before he eventually took control of ARCAM's field operations. After his ascent as one of ARCAM's most highest officials, he chose Akiha Ominae as his personal secretary. It was believed to be done so as to bring Yu and other ARCAM personnel who were suspicious of him in line with him. Later on, he ordered Rie Yamabishi, Professor Mayzel, Ms. Margaret, Yamamoto, Percup Ramdi and Eva McMahon to the South Pole in order to assist Larry in excavating and studying the artifacts, including the potential military use of the South Pole Shrine.

His operation came to an end when Yu, Jean and Iwao took the initiative to stop him and his alliance with Larry. Supported by Yoshino Somei and by Oboro and Takashi Ominae behind the enemy lines, they were able to quell any attempts to use the Fire Snake to bring world domination. Though he seemed defeated, he placed a confident face as he left his office.

Known ConditionsEdit

It is not known what happened after the manga ended. It has been left to the interpretation of the readers, though many assumed that he was getting ready to hide in order to avoid being caught by his ex-ARCAM colleagues.[3]


Henry is a very clever man, who had planned ahead when he was the president of the ARCAM Corporation when he recruited Akiha to be his secretary, making Yu stay in line since he had the potential of having his adopted sister hurt. Aside from that, his alliance with Larry Markson and recruiting able personnel like Professor Mayzel, Rie Yamabishi and other ARCAM personnel who are suspicious of his intentions were able to help him stay in power. The position did not hold for long since Yu, Jean and Iwao were able to destroy the alliance between Larry and himself.

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