Designer(s) Daniel Remar
Release date(s) May 3, 2010

Hero Core is a freeware game created by Daniel Remar, the maker of Iji.[1][2] The game was released on 3 May 2010. It is a sequel to the game Hero.[3]


Hero Core is "Bullet Hell" shooter, where the player controls Flip Hero, and using two fire buttons, navigates his way through Cruiser Tetron's asteroid base.

The ultimate goal of Hero Core is to get to the center of the asteroid base, and defeat the Machine Warlord, Cruiser Tetron.

The player may either attempt to fight Cruiser Tetron immediately after starting the game, or explore the asteroid base, fighting bosses, and collecting items to improve your chances of success against Tetron.


After having defeated his arch nemesis, Cruiser Tetron, the player character (Flip Hero) discovers that Tetron's machine army has begun to rebuild Tetron, as they always do after Tetron is defeated.

Flip Hero decides to make his way to Tetron's asteroid base so that he cannot threaten the Earth again. However, Hero discovers a series of computers that may lead to Tetron's downfall, once and for all..


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