During the Coalitions war, the Heroes Union became the command structure of the superheroes. After the Coalition was defeated, the public trust of the humans was all but lost. Fear of superhumans and a second war of some kind were a common fear.

On July 4th, 1982, the anniversary of the start of the Coalitions war, the Tokyo Initiative was put on paper. OMNI himself then took the Initiative to the leaders of the world to ensure it was ratified.

The exact contents of the Tokyo Initiate are not revealed in “Omni – History Begins”. But it does say it covers the following:

A new United Nations organization, called the Heroes Union, was given global authority over all super power activity. Several international laws were enacted quickly.

  • A governing body was established.
  • New laws concerning the HU were passed in almost every country.
  • Heroes Union Halls were constructed in major cities. The Halls were to be used as bases for an organized team of six and their support staff.
  • HU technology is not shared with governments of any nation nor is it for sale.
  • The academies that super heroes were to be trained at were constructed.

While these things were done the HU headquarters was established in London. This is where the Secretary of the HU, Mr. McFarland, and his staff reside. The support staff at the London hall is considerably larger than most.


Graham, Joe (January 2009), Omni-History Begins, Omni, Grand Blanc, Michigan: Rejection Press, ISBN 9780615228846 

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