Heroes of Graxia
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Developer(s) Petroglyph Games
Publisher(s) Petroglyph Games
Designer(s) Daniel Kroegel
Composer(s) Frank Klepacki
Series Graxia World
Platform(s) (Card Game)
Release date(s) August 2010
Genre(s) Strategy
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Heroes of Graxia is the name of a deck-building card game developed by Petroglyph Games.[1] Heroes of Graxia released in August 2010.

Expansions & Sequels Edit

  • While Guardians of Graxia isn't directly related to Heroes of Graxia, it is in the same family. Guardians of Graxia is a board game based on the lore of Graxia. The game is also available on the PC via Direct Download.

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