High Reaches Weyr is the fifth of eight (by the end of Skies of Pern) Weyrs on the Planet Pern in Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series of books. High Reaches Weyr is located high in the mountains of High Reaches Hold in the Northwestern Peninsula of the Northern Continent. It was most likely built by hand as the laser/plasma cutters used in the construction of the earlier weyrs had stopped working by the time of its construction. High Reaches Weyr was abandoned at the beginning of the Eighth Interval.


Known Weyrleaders include T'kul (Dragonflight), who was conservative and anti-Bendenian, and T'bor (Dragonquest onward)


High Reaches if famous for its seven high spires and is the home of the only remaining firestone mine in Dragon's Fire.

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