Real name David Harlson
Background California Highway Patrolman
C.O.P.S Position Driver of The Bluestreak Cycle
Trademark Features The fastest of all C.O.P.S. Loves riding down the open road. Is seen trying to impress his fellow C.O.P.S. officers often with disastrous results.
Extra Specialty Rides fast on his Bluestreak Motorcycle. Sometimes is seen up in the air on his air scooter zooming about.
Significant Episode Appearances The Case of The Lawless Lady, The Case of The Half-Pint Hero, The Case of The Criminal Games, The Case of the Bogus Justice Machine, The Case of Highway Robbery, The Case of Blur Bandits, The Case of The Crook with A Thousand Faces.
Voiced by Ray James

Highway is a cartoon character in the C.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists) series from Hasbro which ran from 1988-1989.

Character Profile Edit

Highway is the fastest of the C.O.P.S., a California highway patrol officer for the San Francisco police department. Wearing a state patrol uniform featuring a helmet with visors; he's known to drive his Bluestreak motorcycle extremely fast. In the toy series as well as in the comics, he is seen riding an air scooter. Highway is able to gain on the fastest of criminal due to his exceptional skill with riding a motorcycle. In many cases he is able to capture criminals before they are able to escape.

Trivia: Highway's original codename was Speed Trap, but was changed to Highway at the last minute. In Brazilian version, he was named "Andarilho" (Walker).

Highway's Inventive FlopsEdit

Highway likes to impress his fellow C.O.P.S. officers with his inventive skills and creativity. This often ends disastrously due to Highway's lack of technical knowledge. In The Case of the Crook with A Thousand Faces, Highway tries to impress Mirage by demonstrating his so-called latest invention, the vanishing spray. Unfortunately for him it did not work. Mirage failed to vanish, instead the spray smelled horrible, like a skunk. She tells Highway he'd better disappear while the going is good and that's what he did.

In one caper, Highway, who will never make an Iron Chef, shows to everyone how bad his cooking skills are when he twice offered to share a plate full of homemade cookies he made a while back to his fellow C.O.P.S.. Unfortunately, no one appreciated his cookies since they are much too hard for them to eat and they never turned out right at all. Highway eventually "improved" his skills and offered a third plate of cookies to the team. Bulletproof decided to eat a cookie, commenting on how good the cookie tasted. That's because Highway bought a box of cookies from a store - replacing the previous two failed batches he made up at home. This time the team accepts his offer, preferring the store bought cookies than Highway's homemade flops. Blitz, on the other hand, ran out the door when he's offered a cookie, still not trusting Highway's dishes after the two previous offerings.

Character Highlights Edit

The Case of The Blur Bandits Edit

Highway is very proud of his image. However, in this episode, Highway made a terrible mistake. When he tries to catch up with Berserko, who is wearing a special speed suit that allows him to go extremely fast. Highway fails to catch Berserko. He only tore up his suit and winds up hydroplaning in the streets on his Bluestreak cycle. Ashamed about his failure, Highway calls it quits and turns in his badge. BulletProof tries to help him by giving Highway two days off to get over it. Highway declines saying he has embarrassed the whole organization with his big mouth. "Goodbye, sir." Highway said and left the precinct. Later on, he was captured by Turbo Tu-Tone, who holds him prisoner at his garage. Highway is able to break loose a large pole and Turbo attacks. A fight erupted until Highway noticed a container full of ball bearings which he spills to the floor after breaking free of his bonds. Slipping on the bearings, Turbo was easily captured and brought back to the precinct where Highway is able to take possession of the speed suit, going on a fast-speeding, crook-busting spree where Highway is able to place all the crooks partaking in a huge crime-spree under arrest in record time. In the end, Whitney Morgan interviewed Highway, asking him how he did what he did. Speed? Skill? "They helped me do it! I'm part of the team." Highway replied while gesturing Whitney to look at his C.O.P.S. companions. Through this caper, Highway learned an important lesson on humility.

The Case of The Highway Robbery Edit

In this episode, Highway was pressured into helping Mayor Davis get his limousine back that was stolen from Nightshade, one of Big Boss' crooks who stole Mayor Davis' limousine as part of Big Boss' scheme to perform car thefts and changed the cars his crooks steals to look exactly like Big Boss' own personal limousine. So, Highway along with Hardtop went out to find Mayor Davis' limo. Along the way, Highway was able to apprehend Berserko and Turbo Tu-Tone, who was robbing a vehicle using a specialized van that poses as a bread truck to scoop up a vehicle inside the van and cover the car with the top part of it.

As Whitney Morgan was reporting the news about Highway's latest bust, Big Boss noticed Highway's Bluestreak bike and orders Nightshade to steal it. So, Nightshade went out and pose as a woman having trouble with her car. Highway went to assist only for Nightshade to trick him into allowing her to get into the Bluestreak and takes off with it. Highway tried to stop her but wound up holding on the trailer part of the Bluesteak for dear life as Nightshade took him on a wild ride to the junkyard, where he finds himself about to be flattened by a car crusher, no thanks to Squeeky Kleen, who picked the trailer up with Highway, still holding on to it, with a vehicle that has a large magnet used normally to pick up cars and shakes him into letting go of the trailer and fall into the car crusher. Then, he brought the trailer to the ground.

Luckily for Highway, Hardtop, driving his Ironsides with Whitney Morgan and her robotic camera crew on top, who tagged along for the ride, tracked down the homing signal Highway gave out on the trailer and arrive right in the nick of time to stop the machine, save Highway's life, and arrest Squeeky Kleen along the way - only for both Highway and Hardtop both to get berated by Mayor Davis for their failure to get his limo back, afterwards. Both Highway and Hardtop just had to get the limousine back... or else they will just "park cars for a living!" as Mayor Davis puts it. Meanwhile, Big Boss wants Nightshade to go rob a brand shiny new sports car that's been kept under tight security. But that didn't stop Nightshade from sneaking in and driving off with it. Highway and Hardtop chased after Nightshade who lead them right straight to where the stolen cars are being processed into Big Boss' limousine look-a-likes. Highway wastes no time rescuing his Bluestreak cycle from a similar fate while Hardtop chased after Nightshade, who escaped by crashing through the window and jumping out of the car to hold on to the flagpole as the car fell many feet to the ground. Bulletproof and Bullseye arrived in a nick of time in the Air Raid copter and used a grappling hook to save the car at the last moment just as the car was about to hit the ground and be destroyed. A moment later, Nightshade steals a skateboard from a group of kids and used it to escape from the C.O.P.S. Later, both C.O.P.S., who succeeded in getting both the Bluestreak, the sports car, the limo, and all of the other stolen vehicles back, were given each a medal by Mayor Davis as a reward for a job well done.

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