There are many clones in the Hitman games 47 is by far the best. The Clones in Hitman are all assassins the majority of them are albinos but here are 12 there were not and are not and they are the Mr. 48's and there is Agent 17 and Agent 47Agent 47 they are the best clone assassins. The albinos are exellent assassins but they are all class 2's which means they have a very short life span and they age very quickly.

Agent 17Edit

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Agent 17 is a fictional Character from the Hitman series of computer games he only features in Hitman 2 Silent Assassin here he is killed by 47.


Agent 17 or (17) was Dr. Ort-Meyers first working assassin he was created in the late 50's and he was 47 predecessor[1].

Ort-Meyer relased 17 into civilisation and he worked as an assassin, he did not like 47 work for an agency he worked privately[2].

Not much is really known about his early life other than he is a class purple or (2) clone (class 2 clones usually have a life span of 19 months). But 17 out lived his life expectancy by many years.

He is first seen in Afganistan where he consealed himself behind several boxes the Cult members then kill several Russian soldiers then one Russian emerges from behind the helicopter and points his AKS-74Y at the Cult members 17 then appears and eliminates the guard with his fiber wire. He is then seen again in the Cult's Gudwarra he is stood next to a man in a turban, then he when 47 kills the Cult leader and is heading for a small boat 17 shoots at 47 but misses he then runs through a door then is not seen again until Russia he is in the Pushkin building he seems to have been hired a mystery man 17 then shoots at 47 misses then 47 kills him and says.[3]

Another brother thought I killed all of you.[4]


He looks exacly the same as 47 physically but his attire is different he has a blue suit, Orange tie and sunglasses. His weapons differ too he has a WA2000 sniper same as 47 but he has a Desert Eagle not Silverballers[5].

Mr. 47Edit

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Agent 47 (often referred to simply as 47, Mr. 47, and in missions by an alias Tobias Rieper, Doctor Cropes Javob Lieter Mr. Byrd as well as others) is a fictional character and protagonist in the Hitman video-game series. Created by IO Interactive, the character was developed around David Bateson, who also provided the in-game voice. 47 has appeared in all four installments of the Hitman series and has also been portrayed in the novel Hitman: Enemy Within, as well as the film adaptation in which he was dramatized by Timothy Olyphant. A genetically-enhanced clone trained to assassinate targets, the agent's name is derived from the last two digits of his assigned barcode which is tattooed on the back of his head, reading 640509-040147.

Appearance and capabilityEdit

Agent 47 is a hired gunman working for the International Contract Agency. According to the storyline of the video-games and the film, he is of Romanian descent and can speak French, English and Russian fluently. He is frequently depicted in his usual attire of an Italian black suit, black leather gloves, white striped dress shirt and red tie. Alternative costumes are rarely seen; however, in Hitman: Codename: 47, he is seen wearing guerrilla camouflage in the jungle, while in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin he wears a protective parka in the Japanese mountains and a black turban in the Middle East. In a reversal of the norm, 47 wears an entirely white suit and white gloves at the end of "Hitman : Blood Money" at his own funeral. 47 also frequently carries his signature customised AMT Hardballers which are seen with him in many of the game covers. In Hitman: Contracts and in Blood Money they were dubbed with the name "Silverballers".

The Mr. 48'sEdit

The Mr. 48's were 47's successors. There were ten of them, but they were all killed by 47.

Mark IEdit

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Mark I was the first of the Franchises clones he like the other marks was an albino. He was also a class 2 it is not know weather he lives or dies.


Mark I was the franchises first clone he was a class 2 albino it is not know if he live or dies.

Mark Purayah IIEdit

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Mark Purayah II (or simply Mark II) is a fictional Character in the Hitman series of Games. He is later killed by Agent 47. He is a class 2 clone and an albino and the leader of the Crows.


Mark Purayah II is a Albino clone super-seeding Mark I. Mark II is a class 2 Albino clone (class 2 meaning he has a average life span of 19 months) Mark I and Mark Parchezzi III are also Albino clones[6].

He was the Franchises second attempt at creating a clone, he other than being an Albino looks very much like the Human norm but he is smarter stronger and more aware, this makes him so intent on killing the mark that he does not care for his own safety. He is an extremely good marksman that helps him to kill quickly then escape before the guards of the target can pin point his position[6].

His weapons of Choice are a Sig 552 and a single Desert Eagle[6].

The CrowsEdit

Mark Purayah II is the leader of the Crows. The Crows are a three person assassination group inside the Franchise it consists of Raymond Kulinsky who's part in the group is the shooter and Angelina Mason a former prostitute who serves as recon and support and Mark him self who is the leader[6].

They have preformed various hits on various kinds of people since their forming, but their most daring was the attempted assassination was of a senator from Dallas at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. They were being paid in Diamonds which were being delivered by a courier in a red bird suit. 47 was waiting in the same restaurant as the courier and then he follows then intercepts the courier and steals the diamonds then 47 eliminates all of the Crows including Mark[6].


Mark Purayah II was 6 feet 0 inches tall. He weighed 172 pounds; his age is unknown but it is estimated to be 6 to 13 months. He wears red glasses because he's an albino. He has a white suit but he is only seen in a black Crow suit he unlike the other Crows had no Crows head on[6].

Mark Parchezzi IIIEdit

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Mark Parchezzi III is a fictional character in the Hitman series of games he is later killed by Agent 47.


Mark Parchezzi III is an Albino clone superceeding Mark Purayah II and Mark I. He like Mark Purayah II is part of the franchise he is thought to be the leader, He is 47's nearest rival he is nearly perfect he is the best clone that the franchise could produce but like Mark Purayah II he is a class 2 clone so he ages very rapidly unlike 47 who has enernal life due to his modified gene's and Ort-meyer made him that way so tha the perfect assassin can continue to kill. He like 47 has a lie of disguises he can blend into the background the only thing that lets him down is him being an albino. He is a very good shot his weapon of choise is a Colt 1911A1 custom pistol he also lie 47 has a liking for Italian suits but his is white and he has a black shirt and tie. Mark III is the second best assassin in the world after 47 and Maynard john's death he has assasinatied many people and in the rehabilatation center two security guards and a theripist and nurse are talking about Parchezzi and how an albino doctor interogated smith in the basement. It was Parchezzi.[7]

The Presidential attackEdit

Mark Parchezzi III's biggest hit was the infamous Presidential attack, in which Parchezzi and the Vice President planned to kill the American President. The Vice President disabled the alarms on the roof, allowing Parchezzi access. While the VP is in the Oval Office, Parchezzi phones him, and the VP claims it's his niece. Parchezzi then drops down into a toilet and kills a worker, while the VP and his companions leave. Parchezzi then waits in the Oval Office, for the President to arrive. Meanwhile, 47 enters the Whitehouse, where he accomplishes his hit on the Vice President. He then meets Parchezzi in the Oval Office, where 47 attempts to kill Parchezzi.[8] [9]

Unsuccessful in his hit, 47 is knocked to the ground by a mine placed by Parchezzi. 47 heads to the roof, where he confronts Parchezzi and ultimately kills him in a gun fight.[10]


Mark Parchezzi wears a white suit with a black shirt and tie and like the other Marks red glasses because he is an Albno.


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