Agent 17Edit

Agent 17 was Dr Ort-Meyers first assassin he was 47 predecessor. Not much is known about 17's early life the first record of him was in Afghanistan. 17 was hired by a cult leader to protect him and he was caught on security camera hiding behind some boxes several cult members killed several Russian soldiers then one solider appeared from behind the Russian transport helicopter and points his AK at the cult members Agent 17 then appears and using his fiber wire kills the last of the Russians. Agent 17 then again appears in a video of the cult leader he is stood just in front of the camera next to a man in a turban. 17 again appears in disguise in the hospital island he is guarding the cult leader but he realizes his cover has blown when he saw 47 and he runs away. His move was to try to kill 47 he fires at 47 with a silenced pistol but misses he then runs away. 47 is then sent to St Petersburg and 17 is wielding a WA2000 sniper rifle, but in the game it is called a W2000 not eh proper name, he shoots at 47 but misses 47 then kills 17 and says Another Brother thought I killed all of you. Who's behind this tring to kill me with a lesser hitman.[1]

Appearance and capability

Agent 17's appearance was much the same as 47's but there was a few minor differences 17 wore a blue suit orange tie and sun glasses where as 47 had a black suit red tie and no sun glasses. Although the appearance of the two was only slightly different 47 was much better than 17. 17 was a good assassin but he was no as accomplished an assassin as 47 his was a good marksman but he was not ass accurate as 47 he could kill an average person and perform a high profile hit but against some body of 47's standard is too much for any one. 17 and 47 did have one similarity that kept them both alive they could both think for them self where as the 48's could not that's why 47 killed them so easily but 17 was out classed that is why he died[2]

The Mr. 48'sEdit

There were ten made and they are called the prefect assassin they are meant to be Agent 47's replascements. They are guarding Ort-Meyer and they are all armed with MP5's and MP5SD's they are very accurate more s than 47 they are also stronger nad faster than him but he kills them they did not have the training and they were not able to think for their self. 47 then snaps Ort-Meyers neck.[3]


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