Kagewaki is/was the young Castle Lord in the manga and anime series InuYasha.

Origin of KagewakiEdit

Kagewaki is the ill son of the old castle lord. He first appeared in the 9th manga volume and in the 24th Anime episode. He was first seen lying in bed and talking about the Demon Slayers to a man who worked/lived in his father's Castle. After Sango was nearly fatally wounded, (Kagewaki's "Father", the Lord of the Castle was behind it all) Kagewaki then killed his Father. The Castle Guards were surprised to see that Kagewaki had killed his own Father, but Kagewaki responded by saying, "This man is not my Father..." He also explained that his Father had been possessed by a Demon, so it was revealed that he was behind everything, and it was a shame that the Demon Slayers had to be caught in his evil trap.

Kagewaki later found Sango, who had just dug herself out of her own "grave", then he made certain that her wounds were treated immediately. Later, Kagewaki repeatedly apologized for the tragedies which Sango and her family were forced to endure. Kagewaki later met with Naraku, who told him that InuYasha had just destroyed Sango's family village in order to take possession of the Shikon Jewel shards (Naraku was actually the one who did it). Sango was enraged, and vowed to avenge her family and friends.

It was later revealed by Naraku that Naraku had killed Kagewaki and pretended to be him from the time Sango left to kill InuYasha.

Mystery of KagewakiEdit

Kagewaki's true origin and existence is often debated by fans. Many believe that Naraku killed or absorbed the sickly young lord, while others believe[citation needed] that Naraku created him, along with his family and Castle- shortly after Kikyo's death. What makes this even more confusing is the fact that both the Anime and Manga give slightly different information about him. For example, in the Anime, Kagewaki's eyes are entirely different from Naraku's, then Naraku later says that he took over Kagewaki's body and stole his Castle. In the Japanese Manga, however, Kagewaki looks identical to Naraku, since Naraku appears slightly more human, and Naraku never said anything about stealing Kagewaki's body. Still, no one can be certain of Kagewaki's true existence. Before Sango even meets Kagewaki, Inuyasha had ripped away Naraku's baboon pelt, and Naraku had looked identical to Kagewaki, although most of his face was hidden during this first encounter.

Kagewaki's appearanceEdit

Kagewaki looks exactly like Naraku, which means that he has long, wavy dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin and has a very feminine-looking face, this is because Naraku took the form of Hitomi. In the Anime however, Kagewaki's eyes are obviously brown, while Naraku's are dark red, perhaps the demon in Naraku shows that way.

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