Directed by Hari Anand
Written by Hari Anand
Starring Rajesh Krishnan
Akanksha Bhat
Bhavana Rao
Rakshit Shetty
Amrutha Rao
Anant Nag
Music by Guruprasad
Cinematography Somshekar
Country Template:IND
Language Kannada

Holidayz is a Kannada movie in pre production stages which will be directed by Hari Anand. The movie is expected to be a movie for the youth. This is the first movie to take feedback opinion from audience even during its pre production stages.

The movie is giving a lot of opportunities to fresh faces. The movie is already making a lot of excitement among the fans with its orkut community where the director himself is interacting with the users, asking them suggestions and even implementing them.

The movie is based on some real life incidents. A 9th STD girl is writing lyrics for the movie.

Plot Edit

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Production Edit

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Cast Edit

Rajesh Krishnan, Akanksha Bhat, Ravindra, Bhavana Rao, Manasi, Rakshit Shetty, Raghu, Raviprakash, Amrutha Rao, Chetan, Nishik , Shantipriya, Anant Nag , Umashri and others .

Crew Edit

Department Name
Director Hari Anand
Creative Director Shiv Shetty
Music Director Guruprasad
Associate Director Mahesh
Dialogue Writer Srivatsa Prahlad
Editor Srinivas Babu
Cinematography Somshekhar
Art Director Mohan Pandit
Lyricists Ram Narayan, Dr.Umesh, Hrudaya Shiva, Bidar Sarvesh, Hari Anand,Kumari Shalini (youngest lyricist to come in Kannada), Shakthisri Julo, Srivatsa Prahallad, A.M.Mahesh, Sam, Suchit and Sandep
Stills Prasad
Designer Sai
PRO Lingaraj

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