"Hot Nigger" is a Moon Man single, a parody of "Hot Nigga" by Bobby Shmurda. Moon Man has used the same beat before in "Crossbones and Chickenwings".

This song appears on the mixtape Beating Another Dead Nigger.

Lyrics Edit

It's true I am a hot cracker Like when I go with Star Man to shoot niggers Like when you see him twirl then he drop, nigger And we keep those coons underground on my block, nigger

And Cloud Man keep it on them, he loves to drop niggers So I am about to pull the trigger and drop some niggers Ben Garrison keeps them busy with those glocks, nigger Try to run and you will catch a shot, nigger

Gassing all these jews till I pass out I swear all I do is cash out And if you're a non-White woman Suck this dick and then take a bullet to the head

I've been killing niggers since like the fifth grade Also been raping them mexican maids

To make America an all-White place, I will go all out Getting cash until I fall out You talking cash, dog, I go all out With your woman I will make out

My mama said to get all of the dead jew bodies out of the house That's how Hitler ended up in the dog pound But I said, "Mom, I am in the KKK I kill niggers, jews, and spics every fucking day"

We are gonna pull up on them and shoot those nigger scum With the whole KKK krew, we will put some bullets in them Savage killers, that's what we are Make them jews wear a star

Gas them, because we go hard And bitch, if there's a problem we are gonna have to brawl Shots popping out the AR Like a cannibal I eat those niggers raw

It is broad daylight outside and I am killing a dirty spic Smash his ugly face in with a brick I do this shit just for kicks Put dirty jews up on a crucifix

Rape some asian whores with chopsticks Then give them my massive moondick When I am done fucking, I give her to my KKK bros Then I tell them to suffocate the ho We killed her like a week ago

Niggers are dumb as shit To the White man they will submit Their throats will be split Don't you faggots forget it You are gonna have to quit Because in a race war you will lose it