Houthoff Buruma The Game is a serious game, developed in 2010 by Dutch law firm Houthoff Buruma [1] and Ranj Serious Games. In this interactive multimedia game designed for recruitment purposes, talented law graduates are challenged to display their skills.

Houthoff Buruma The Game will be presented at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, as an example from the Netherlands of best practice world-wide involving serious games. The growing importance of serious games for business purposes is shown by the Dutch government's investment in 'the GATE Project' (Game Research for Training and Entertainment). Ranj Serious Games is one of the advisory board members of this project.

Gameplay Edit

The player of the game represents China Mining & Marine, a demanding and unforgiving client. To meet the unprecedented energy goals of The People's Republic of China, this state-owned giant has to construct the Panlong Renewable Energy Park within an ambitious time frame. To succeed in completing the task in such a short time, China Mining & Marine needs six specific vessels equipped with a unique installation technology. However, these six vessels are all in the hands of one company: 't Hoen Marine & Offshore, a century-old Dutch family business that also possesses the latest technology and the essential know-how. The Panlong Renewable Energy Park has become a matter of prestige for China, so failure is not an option. China Mining & Marine needs those six vessels as soon as possible and is determined to acquire 't Hoen. What will it take to motivate the members of the 't Hoen family to sell their shares? Nothing is what it seems and everyone has its own interest to protect. And this is a family company with skeletons in the closet.

The students will play in up to five teams, with up to five people in each team, and the teams will be competing against each other in each session. The players have 90 minutes to convince enough shareholders to sell their shares and to draft a 'Letter of Intent'. In this time they will be confronted with information of all kinds: video chats, text chats, conference calls, e-mails, websites, Facebook pages and Youtube movies.

Characters Edit

Ding Hong
Senior Member, Communist Party of China / President, China Mining & Marine
Arie 't Hoen jr.
Pater Familias / no longer a shareholder of 't Hoen Marine & Offshore
Johan 't Hoen
Chief Executive Officer, 't Hoen Marine & Offshore
Klaas 't Hoen
Chief Technology Officer, 't Hoen Marine & Offshore
Margreet 't Hoen
Shareholder, 't Hoen Marine & Offshore / not active in the operations of 't Hoen Marine & Offshore
Yulia Galkinova
Fiancée of Klaas 't Hoen
Sandra Vrooman
Partner, Corporate Transactions, Houthoff Buruma
Rebecca Grey
Personal Assistant to Sandra Vrooman

References Edit

  1. Chambers and Partners 2010

Credentials Edit

  • Creative concept, Story line and Production by: Houthoff Buruma - Jaap Bosman, Lisa Hakanson, Moniek Mulder / Ranj - Marcus Vlaar, Bruno Jordaan
  • 3D, Video & Composing by: Basiel Jaspers
  • Music by: Roman Schoensee
  • Project Managed by: Albert-Jan Pomper

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