Hugo Austin
Bernard Curry as Hugo Austin
Portrayed by Bernard Curry
First appearance 27 January 2009
Episode 4777
Last appearance 9 June 2010
Episode 5093
Gender Male
Occupation Diving instructor, Part owner of Alf's bait shop
Residence The Pad

Hugo Austin is a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Home and Away, portrayed by actor Bernard Curry[1] from early 2009.

Background Edit

Hugo has been backpacking in India since he was 18. While in India Hugo met a New Zealand backpacker, who he started a relationship with. Hugo Austin is the oldest of three boys. It's obvious that his youngest brother Xavier is angry with him for leaving him and his brother Brendan, when they needed him the most.

When Hugo was 17, he had a girlfriend, new car and a new license. But one night after a date with his girlfriend, Michelle, he was involved in car accident. Hugo broke his back, left arm and right ankle. His girlfriend died in the crash. Soon after his accident, Jack came to visit him and he brought him a boat building kit.

Storylines Edit

A JobEdit

Hugo is part owner of Alf's Dive & Bait Shop and he is a Diving Instructor.


Freya, an ex-girlfriend of Xavier's, shared a kiss with Hugo. Despite Freya being one that came on to him, he was blamed. Soon after, Xavier realised Freya was nothing but trouble and that Hugo who would never do anything like that to him.

Charlie Buckton Edit

In early March, Hugo invites Charlie on a business-date to get out of Coleen's speed dating. Then later, Hugo got a call from work, and had to call-off the date. On the 20th of April, Charlie has mixed feelings about being gay and ends up kissing Hugo on the beach and then this leads on to sleeping with him.

Shark Attack Edit

During the investigation into the human hand that Miles and VJ found on the beach, Hugo went on an overnight diving recce. The next morning he was seen stumbling on his boat with what appeared to be a shark bite on his stomach. He collapsed and later woke up and stumbled home where he was confronted by Coleen who wanted to see Martha. She didn't notice his injury as hugo had put a jumper on before answering the door. He then found out about the shark attack stories and went to the hospital and collapsed. When he came round he told Rachel that he was attacked by a Tiger Shark and injured himself. Rachel looked unsure of his explanation and later rumours around the bay have suggested that he may not have received the injury as he has told people.


Hugo has developed feelings for Martha. He tells her and then leaves to stay at his Mum's house for a few days.[2][3][4] He doesn't return any of his brother Xaviers's calls and he suspects its because Hugo and Martha have had a fight. While he is away Ruby thinks he may have left because Martha has feelings for Hugo. When he returns he asks Martha if she has feelings for him but she denies it. Ruby and Xavier then realise it is Hugo that has feelings for Martha. Martha has now moved out to her farm to get away from him. Martha starst to push Hugo out of her life, due to her growing feelings for him.[5] But Martha and Hugo will give in to temptation. But she tries to immediately put a stop to thier affair.[6][7] The pair eventually get together when thay can no longer fight their attraction and Tony gives his blessing to the relationship.[8][9]


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