Hun is one of the main villains in the second Ninja Turtles animated series, and serves as Shredder's right-hand man during the first two seasons. He is played in most episodes by Greg Carey.

Character biography Edit

Hun’s criminal career began at a young age; during his teen years, he was already a prominent member of the Purple Dragons street gang, and was responsible for the burning down of Arnold Casey Jones’ (Casey’s father) store, as well as his eventual death. It is during this time that the the Shredder, realizing his potential, takes him under his wing, training him as his protégé. At the beginning of the series, Hun is second-in-command of the New York faction of the Foot, as well as leader of the Purple Dragons (although he leaves its day-to-day operations to people like Dragonface or Johnny). During the City at War arc, where New York’s underworld is fractured due to The Shredder’s presumed demise, he leaves the Foot and takes direct control of the Purple Dragons, until he is informed of his master’s true fate and returns to the Foot. A more definitive split occurs in season 4, after the Shredder’s true identity as an Utrom is revealed and he is exiled: with the Shredder gone, Hun turns to the Purple Dragons, successfully remaking them into a Foot-like organization.

Hun is a lethal fighter due his brute strength (his strength is at near superhuman levels, although Shredder has shown to be stronger then him), surprisingly agile despite his massive size and skilled with a multitude of weapons (although he prefers to use his fists). Hun has proven himself to be quite smart. As evidenced by his leading and commanding of the purple dragons street gang. (Which now thanks to Hun is an organized crime syndicate) However, his power level, as it is, has been inconsistently portrayed throughout the series: although sometimes he is able to hold his own against all four turtles (in their first fight him he actually overpowered them, they were only saved by the Battleshell busting in), at others, he is able to be defeated by a single fighter. Generally, he is defeated more easily the later he appears in the series, presumably due to the turtle's increasing skills.

Although loyal to the Shredder, Hun’s loyalty does not extend to the rest of the Foot, as evidenced by his defections and his hatred for Karai, Saki’s other protégé. During Karai’s time in New York, Hun made no secret of his desire to see her disgraced and dead, resulting in an attempt on her life aided by Dr. Baxter Stockman.

During Season 3, Hun and Baxter Stockman form an uneasy partnership due to the fact they both served the Shredder but are now considered expendable failures to him, as both have lost to the Ninja Turtles so many times — although unlike Stockman, Hun is still loyal to the Shredder despite being regularly demoralized (sometime physically abused) by his Master. While Stockman receives humiliating scars from Shredder for his failures, Hun is not so permanently damaged for his. This could either be because Shredder values his physical health (whereas Stockman is only needed in a mental capacity) or because, unlike Stockman, Hun accepts responsibility for his failure. Possibly Hun's punishments are not as severe as Stockman's, given that Hun has been a very loyal and competent servant until his run of bad luck with the Turtles. It is also noteworthy that Shredder gives Hun a chance to redeem himself in Hun on the Run.

Hun's catchphrase of sorts is "crud", which he normally shouts when falling from an extremely high place. This happens often, and he always survives falls that would seemingly kill him, such as in the episode City at War, pt. 3, where he is dropped from the top floor of the Foot tower into a police car on the streets.

Hun’s gained his scars during an ultimately-successful assassination attempt on Hamato Yoshi by the Foot. During their assault, a pre-mutation Splinter was freed from his cage, and, in an attempt to defend his master, scratched Hun on the face.

In the episode "Same as it Never Was," when Donatello is transported to a post-apocalyptic future courtesy of an enemy, Ultimate Drako, the Turtle finds a quite different Hun. Hun, now weak and out of shape, is confined to a wheelchair, and Stockman's brain container has been attached to his body as part of one of the Shredder's innovative forms of physical punishment. The pair has joined the Turtles' rebellion army, although Hun is still loyal to the Shredder.

During the show's fourth season; with Oroku Saki exiled in space and his daughter, Karai, ruling in his stead, Hun left the Foot and overhauled the Purple Dragons, turning it into a high-powered organization similar to the Shredder's. So far, the new direction has proved successful, to the point where the Purple Dragons are able to sponsor smaller gangs (such as The Turks) to the jobs they would previously do themselves. Hun reappears near the end of the "lost season" As one of the groups the Turtles gathered for their final battle against the forces of Tengu Shredder.

In a children's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles storybook based on the series, Hun is shown to have an equally massive, hillbilly brother named Arnold, whom Hun teams up with for tag-team wrestling matches. The two are undefeated until they do battle with Michelangelo and Raphael. However, this is likely non-canon to the series. In the unfinished episode "Nightmares Recycled" however Hun was to be revealed to have a conjoined twin who was the Garbageman.

Hun appeared in 40 episodes:

1. Attack of the Mousers
2. Meet Casey Jones
3. Darkness on the Edge of Town
4. The Way of Invisibility
5. Fallen Angel
6. The Shredder Strikes, Part 1

7. The Shredder Strikes Back, Part 1
8. The Shredder Strikes Back, Part 2
9. Tales of Leo
10. Return to New York, Part 1
11. Return to New York, Part 2
12. Return to New York, Part 3

13. Secret Origins, Part 2
14. Secret Origins, Part 3
15. Reflections
16. City at War, Part 2
17. City at War, Part 3
18. Rogue in the House, Part 1

19. Rogue in the House, Part 2
20. Touch and Go
21. Nobody's Fool
22. New Blood (a.k.a The New Guard)
23. Mission of Gravity
24. Hun on the Run

25. Same As It Never Was
26. Exodus, Part 1
27. Dragon's Brew
28. Bad Day
29. Dragons Rising
30. Still Nobody

31. Insane in the Membrane 32. Enter The Dragons Part 1
33. Enter The Dragons Part 2
34. Clash of the Turtle Titans
35. The Journal
36. The Engagement Ring

37. Hacking Stockman
38. SuperQuest
39. City Under Siege
40. Mayhem from Mutant Island

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