Dominar Rygel XVI

Dominar Rygel XVI on Farscape


A male and a female Hynerian

Hynerians are a race of aliens from the television science fiction series Farscape.

Hynerians are an amphibious race of short, frog-like aliens with green skin.


They are capable of walking, but their short legs make this difficult. Underwater they move with quick, darting movements with much grace. The one Hynerian seen in the series on a regular basis, Rygel, rides in a hovering "ThroneSled" while out of water. This mode of transportation is probably atypical, however, as Rygel was once a monarch.

Biochemistry and biology Edit

The Hynerian physiology is not as powerful as most humanoid species. This is revealed when Scorpius proposes to put Rygel in the Aurora Chair in order to extract the information he wants rather than suffer giving into his demands. At this point Rygel makes it clear that he would not survive long enough for Scorpius to discover the information he wants. To clarify, Bialar Crais, a Peacekeeper like Scorpius, concurs with this statement.

When nervous (or angry) they produce helium flatulence. They possess three stomachs, and spend much of their time eating. If they consume tannot root, their urine and other bodily fluids become explosive. They also have a metabolism that is rapid enough to shrug off some drugs (such as the Nebari mind-cleansing treatment). Little else is known of Hynerian biology. They are thought to lay eggs which are fertilized externally, but they are known to practice sexual intercourse. After "Pleasure" (sex), they become very tired, and need to rest. Little is known about the Hynerians ability to experience sexual pleasure, but their earbrows (combination ears and eyebrows) are very sensitive to stimulus, and may be a part of the intercourse process. They can live in excess of 500 cycles (Rygel himself has lived an unknown number of cycles before becoming a peacekeeper prisoner for a further 130, and when inside Crichton's body mentions that his own has at least 400 more cycles to live)

Society Edit

Hynerian society is split into distinct common and ruling classes and, among the ruling class at least, multiple wives and slaves (often one and the same) are commonplace. Despite this, Hynerian females are not all property. They are quite independent, and even serve as soldiers or spies.


The Hynerian Empire is ruled by a monarch called the Dominar, and spans at least four planets with a total of 600 billion individuals, though not all of them are of the Hynerian species.

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