Saxon L. Vega, known by his username Hypersaxon, was one of Moon Man's earliest producers in his YTMND years. He helped create the classic hits: Money In The Bank, Killing Niggers, Hit Em' Up, Crank Dat, and many more Moon Man sites until his death in 2010 from a brain tumor. In a eulogy, Moon Man has called Saxon "one of the most important people I've ever met on YTMND" and "a true Triple K Hooligan until the end."

Most of his songs can be heard on the compilation album, Notorious KKK as well as many other compilations. His version of Jingle Bells can be heard on A KKKhristmas KKKarol. His other works include various other YTMND sites which have included Moon Man since his first inception until his penultimate site in 2010.