"I Hear a Nigger Comin'" is a Moon Man single that was produced by Sunman (the producer, not the nigger). It is a parody of "Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash. The song appears on Singles: Volume 4.

Lyrics Edit

Hello, I'm Moonman

I hear a nigger comin' He's comin' 'round the block I ain't killed a nigger since I don't know when

It's time to kill a nigger And time keeps draggin' on But that nigger keeps a-walkin' On down to KFC 8

When I was just a new Moon My mama told me, "Son Always be a good Moon Kill every black you see"

And I shot a black in Ferguson Just to watch him die When I heard him fall to the ground I shouted out with joy

I bet there's niggers eating In a fancy KFC They're probably eating chicken And raping little boys

But I know they'll have it coming I know they cannot live But those niggers keep on eating And that's what tortures me

Well if a nigger walked down the street If I could kill his black ass I bet I would be the best Moon That I could ever be

Killing niggers all day That's what I want to do And I'd let my assault weapons Kill niggers all day

Copyright KKK Moonman, 2015 Repost this song onto Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and everything you've got Spread the message Moonman is out

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