Am the Media
(Je suis les médias)
Directed by Benjamin Rassat
Distributed by Arte
Release date(s) April 21, 2010 (2010-04-21)
Running time 56 minutes
Country Template:Country data FRA Template:FilmFrance
Language French

I Am the Media (Je suis les médias) is a 2010 French documentary film by Benjamin Rassat.


Shot in 15 countries, the movie tells the history of digital narcisissm and social networks with famous figures as Vinton Cerf, Steve Jobs, Andy Warhol, Justin Kan, Robert Scoble, Andrew Keen, Loic Le Meur or Magibon in their own role.

All those witnesses are asked the both questions "Did you google me ?" and "Do you google yourself ?".

Censored during two years in France, the movie is now downloadable with its director's cut on[1]


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