Imtiaz Tyab (born 1979) is a journalist for the international news network Al Jazeera English. Based in Toronto, he is AJE's first Canadian correspondent. Since joining in June 2010, he has covered the Air India Commission's final report on the investigation into the bombing of flight 182, concerns surrounding Canada's off-shore oil industry and in August he filed several reports from Haiti.

BBC Edit

In 2004 Tyab moved to London, England and joined the BBC as a radio programme producer. In 2007 he returned to reporting covering mainly faith and youth issues for BBC News and Asian Network. Before joining AJE, Tyab was a London based reporter for BBC World television covering mainly European affairs. Prior to that, he was a Washington, DC correspondent for BBC News and World Service Radio. While in Washington he reported on wide range of stories such as the controversy surrounding the Obama administration's health care reform bill, the funeral of Senator Edward Kennedy, the attempted bombing of a Detroit-bound trans-atlantic jet by a Nigerian national and the so-called balloon boy hoax. Tyab has also reported extensively from around the United Kingdom including on National and London mayoral elections, the global economic downturn, and the so-called liquid bomb plot trial. He has also sent reports from continental Europe, South Asia and the Middle East. In 2007 and 2008 Tyab covered the annual Hajj pilgrimage for BBC News.

CBC Edit

Tyab started his career as a reporter at CBC News in Vancouver in early 2003. There he covered stories ranging from the city's bid to host the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and the pre-trial for convicted serial killer Robert Pickton. In 2003 Tyab was selected as the CBC's spokesperson for Asian Heritage Month.

Early life Edit

Born in Fort St. John, BC in July 1979, Tyab moved to East Vancouver with his family in 1985.




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