"In the Clouds" is the 14th track on Moon Man's The Killing Moon. For the backing track it uses the song "Moon Man" by Luwey Lucid. It was produced by Malcolm Night.

Moon Man performs the first half of the song, and Cloud Man performs the second half (with Moon Man's help). Luwey Lucid also sings in the chorus.

The title refers to a state of relaxation, a position of power, authority, and supremacy, or an idealistic outlook.


Lyrics Edit

The White man keeps marching on but hasn't made it all the way yet Work all week so niggers get your paycheck One day we'll say we really made it When non-White races are straight eradicated

Face facts, the blacks are an obstruction So make tracks with maximal destruction Can't hack? Well I don't give a fuck, son But if you wanna chill when the day is done

You can find me in the clouds Smoking green, and I'm the king of the White Power scene You can find me in the clouds From which I reign over my domain like a mainframe brain You can find me in the clouds Dead right, if they head right, fucking your mom every night You can find me in the clouds I'm an angel of death, everyone dies by the end like Macbeth Except for me

[Cloudman] Mic check, one two, one two, taste test Tastes great to me 'cause I'm a racist Taste buds attuned to the tasteless Race-based hate the way the Moon makes it


[Cloudman] What you want? The thunder or the manna? Get right with me, I'm your Hosanna In this pristine White savannah there's no niggers allowed But if you're walking in the light then come on up and look around You can find me in the clouds Dropping beats, writing rap tunes 'bout how I cap coons

[Moonman & Cloudman] You can find me in the clouds

[Cloudman] Sniping niggers, taking pictures, taking potshots at fake hotshots You can find me in the clouds Cooking up gases for the asses of the crass and filthy masses who just want free passes

[Moonman & Cloudman] You can find me in the clouds Dirty niggers never touch me

I rise above the muck, see 'Cause nigger

[Moonman & Cloudman] I don't give a fuck


[Cloudman] But you know where you can find me

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