In the Mind of Israel is a 2009 American documentary film directed by Michael Yadegari, an American independent filmmaker.

Release and reception Edit

The documentary had its initial screening at Chapman University, Orange, California, on April 23, 2009,[1] and subsequently screened at numerous schools in the US, and in Israel at the prestigious Bar Ilan University.

The film opened in the U.S. on May 7, 2009. The film received highly positive reviews on blogs and other such school and local community newspapers.

Omar Ha-Redeye, a legal commentator and reviewer of the film showing in Israel, said,

"There are some political implications of the film, including options towards a peace process. Those interviewed express controversial views from across the political spectrum, and helps highlights some of the enormous challenges Israel has within itself in determining what course of action to take for the future."


The film follows the marketing scheme of a focus group to capture the truth behind the hate culture between Middle Eastern Israelis and Arabs. The film posits the country of Israel as the product and the people of Israel as the random sample. The film documents the lifestyle of the Israelis and Arabs from a firsthand account.

Summary Edit

The film depicts the mindset of the average Israeli—be they Arab or Israeli—by using the focus-group method and asking questions on what is desired for the Middle East. It also depicts the lifestyle of a Jewish Israeli family.

Director's rationale Edit

The stated driving factor for Yadegari's investigation was the increasing spread of hate throughout the Middle East. Yadegari points out that although this hate has been present for thousands of years, with communication and education there can be ways to stop the hate.

"The rationale behind this film is a simple plan. I want to make people aware of the situation in Israel from an unbiased point of view. Every time I hear someone say “I am going to Israel” another person will immediately respond with words of caution by saying “Be careful”, “Don’t get blown away” etc. I want to show that Israel is a civilized and westernized country that has much beauty and is not what the media creates it to be. Yes, I will state that there are those acts of terror in Israel but they happen in areas which are hostile environments and such environments can be similar to areas in the US overridden by crime and gangs."
"The second reason for making this film is that I find the ideal way of life is when human live in harmony with one other. By making this film I will give politicians and the various governments ideas on what is needed to be done to make peace. What is missing from the picture that has not been tried or if there is any solution to this problem."

"Through logic I conclude that from the mentality of the countries people will show the future of the land. I want to find out whether there will ever be peace in Israel or will it always be an area of conflict due to the mindset of the people living in that area. I also want to know why they wish to live in Israel. Furthermore, I want to depict a family and the life in Israel to show those people ignorant to the life in Israel what it is like to live in Israel."


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